Friday, September 12, 2008

Dil loot ne wale: Chaitanya Desai

Retired SBI manager picked up harmonica almost after 40 years. I would like to narrate a small incidence about him.
Very very long back when he was in the college, he happened to meet Manohar Vaidya through a common friend. They talked about their interests in music and one thing was common, The Harmonica. Mr. Vaidya used to play harmonica in college functions but Chaitanya Desai being shy never played on a stage. After his graduation Chaitanya Desai joined the SBI and got married. In his busy life he forgot his music and Mr. vaidya too...
When we used to practice in the public park he used to come there and stand very far and watch us play, never came and talked to us. After three weeks, when he could not resist himself, he approached Nachiketa and softly took out his harmonica. I was out of town that day and i still remember Nachiketa called me on my mobile and asked Chaitanya Desai to play a song. While he was playing the song Vaidyaji arrived and believe me Desai recognising his old friend and jumped out of joy and called Vaidyaji by his name and everyone was surprised to see two lost friends meeting after such a long time. Today they are leading the group.
Such a small musical insrument has broght both friends together again and dear friends, they are worth watching when they are in real mood......
Long live their friendship.