Saturday, July 17, 2010

Madan Kumar Blesses HCG

On a personal visit to Ahmedabad, mouth organ maestro Madan Kumar took time off on the evening of July 15, 2010 to share musical moments with the members of the Harmonica Club of Gujarat. As usual, club trustee Bansi Gajjar played the host.

During the evening between 8 to past midnight, Madan Kumar regaled the members of HCG with anecdotes from his more than 50 years of rich musical experience as also played a few numbers. He was humility personified in insisting on listening to the youngest players - Devansh and Aditya and gave them some tips as to how to improve their playing.

Madan Kumar presented to the HCG half a dozen of his yet to be released audio CDs saying, "I authorize the HCG to release these under their banner."

Madan Kumar was formally inducted into the HCG as a lifetime member and patron. Bansi Gajjar pinned the badge of the HCG to Madan Kumar's lapel.

Madan Kumar and members of the HCG later had dinner at the Cama Hotel where too several members as well as the harmonica maestro played a few numbers to the pleasant surprise of other diners.