Saturday, December 26, 2009

Maestro's Life in Pictures

Mouth Organ maestro Madan Kumar's tryst with music had begun when he was just 7-8 year old. He was a born genius. He had no guru. He learnt playing harmonica on his own. The life was full of struggle and hard work. He shared his life's musical journey with me through a photo album which I captured for the benefit of all the harmonica lovers.

Melodies from Mouth Organ Maestro Madan Kumar

I had the good fortune of being with mouth organ maestro Madan Kumar for a day. On my request, he was kind enough to play a few numbers for the benefit of The Harmonica blog. He had given us his audio CDs during his visit to Ahmedabad. The numbers on the CDs are a treat to the ears. But watching him play live, without the accompaniment of a full-fledged orchestra is a heavenly experience.

I first uploaded these videos on the Youtube so that they can be accessed by harmonica lovers across the globe. Here I present these videos to the discerning visitors to our blog.