Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aa Laut ke aaja mere : Manhar Majithia

' Life is half spent before we know, what it is '
There are two types of people in this world. Catagory no.1 live life, by the external forces and category no.2 live their life with internal forces and enjoy every bit of it..
There are people, who have the daring to explore and experiment new things, at any age.
There can not be a better example than our Dear Manhar Majithia . I still remember his first day with a Hero brand harmonica, then chromatic, and today with a diatonic.
He is the person, who would always take up the challenges despite of his age and health related problems.
He used to play the SIONARA song in the public performances, meaning he was given the last chance.
One day I just asked him to prepare a good number and play with little more breath control. Today he is in the list of top ten !!!
We really congratulate him for his sincerity, hard work and making all the efforts to live every moment of his life