Wednesday, April 14, 2010

99% me Ghadi varna Chhadi

Master Kavit again, with 3 idiots in the background. He spent a very few minutes to get ready with this song.

Rishwat to khud Baap ne lena shikhaya, 99% marks laaoge to Ghadi varna Chhadi.......................... :-(

Master Kavit : Riding easy

Master Kavit played ' Ye Dosti ' on a Diatonic Easy Rider. Kavit is basically from Nadiad, 60kms from Ahmedabad, He was inspired by the Harmonica Club of Gujarat. Today he owns a Hering special 48, and a few diatonic harmonicas. He is now focusing mainly on how to get the maximum out of Diatonic harmonicas. He has performed in his school and old age homes also.

He has promised to play Indian Ragas on his Easy Rider for us..............