Saturday, November 21, 2009

Group Performance in Gramophone club

All the members of HCG performed in Tagore Hall, Ahmedabad, on 14th November.
All the members had practiced very hard to make this surprise item successful and memorable to everyone.
This curtain raiser song was kept as secret by the committee members of the Gramophone club.
Composer, music director and singer Shri. Dilip Dholakia himself was present there with a Gujarati Film personality Mr.Upendra Trivedi. As the song progressed the audiance started clapping and at the end Dilip Dholakia himself stood up and cheered up all the players and their performance.
This time the kids had taken the responsibility to play preludes and interludes with Manohar Vaidya, Paresh Bhatia and Tapan Bhatt.
Tari Aankh no Afini, Tara bol no bandhani......
They promised us a complete programme on Harmonica....
Mission continues....