Thursday, November 19, 2009

Passion for Harmonica

On 13 November, 2009, as many as 6,131 harmonica players players performed together in Hong Kong, finding a place in the Guinness Book of World record. This tiny musical instrument is so popular in South East Asia and the US. Long way to go for us Indian harmonica lovers.

Khandelwal : A repository of knowledge

If you have any confusion or doubt about which harmonica to buy and from where, ask Raman Khandelwal who has been gathering a whole lot of information about this tiny musical instrument. I met Raman recently on my visit to Jaipur.

A strapping young man, Ram is full of enthusiasm. "I am reading up as much material on mouth organ as possible by searching the Internet. It is like sharpening the axe before beginning to cut a tree. I want to gain theoretical knowledge about harmonica first and then start putting it into practice," he says.

Raman is very active on the Harmonica India Yahoo group.

He can be contacted on his mobile at 09413341725.