Friday, August 14, 2009

Jo Shaheed Huye Hain Unki Jara Yaad Karo Qurbani

For the Independence Day, Devansh Shah played this immensely popular patriotic song which had made India's first Prime Minister Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru cry while listening to Lata Mangeshkar singing it. The song was composed by C Ramachandra and the lyrics were by Pradeep.

Devansh has been learning harmonica from Paresh Bhatia, who teaches music to school children in Ahmedabad. For this Independence Day special, Paresh Bhatia accompanied Devansh on bongos.

Old is Gold

Apoorva Bhatt was not even born when blockbuster black and white bollywood film 'Goonj Uthi Shehnai' was released in 1959. Starring Rajendra Kumar and Amita, the film became a hit primarily because of its lilting songs.

The music director was Vasant Desai, who used the Indian classical musical instrument Shehnai so successfully that the background scores became tear jerkers. The king of playback singing, Mohammed Rafi's mellifluous voice made the film's songs immortal.

We first present here the haunting song - 'Keh do koyi na kare yahan pyaar' - in Rafi Sahab's voice. We will then present the same song's rendition on mouth organ by Apoorva Bhatt.

And, now Apoorva Bhatt on harmonica playing the song 50 years after the release of the film: