Monday, October 11, 2010

Tapan rocks

Harmonica Club of Gujarat founder secretary Tapan Bhatt is a rock star. A plastic engineer by education, an interior designer by profession, a pioneer of break-dance who introduced this dance form to Gujarat, a hypnotist who has cracked many a complex crimes for the police, an Information Communication Technology entrepreneur, an ornithologist and breeder of exotic species of reptiles, Tapan is a passionate music lover.

Tapan sprang a surprise during the Navratri festival in my campus, Akbhar Nagar, last night by displaying his skill as an accomplished drummer. Akhbar Nagar, celebrating its Silver Jubilee, had called popular band, Heaven Music led by famous drummer Sunil Patel. The band was in full swing and the residents of the colony, men, women and children, in their traditional attire were swaying to the Gujarati garba songs when Tapan appeared on the stage and requested Sunil to hand over the drum sticks to him.

And, Tapan rocked.