Saturday, September 19, 2009

He prefers to play difficult songs....

'Maang ke Saaath Tumhara' is really a difficult song and we have been noticing Aditya's willingness to play such songs only. His entry was never noticeable, when he joined the club

Silent, sweet, sincere and shy that he is !!!

He has captured a leading position in HCG, without any exposure. Today when we prepare the list of songs for any programme, Aditya is in top ten. All the senior members have accepted this little champ as another Vaidyaji.
' He has the spark !!, mark my words ' -Apoorva Bhatt told me very silently after he played this song.
I must congratulate his parents for their efforts to make him play an instrument which has lost its place today....I am sure these young kids will try and get the same respect back to little harmonicas.

Maang ke Saath Tumhara : Aadiieeeee the little champ ..