Saturday, June 26, 2010

He graced the HCG

It was an exciting moment for me when the plane touched the ground of SVP International air port at 12 noon on the 24th of May 2010. In fact my effforts were so many before, to meet all the members of H C G but due to some reason or other it was getting postponed. But this time I was so happy to note from Tapan Bhai that HCG is releasing a set of two audio CDs exclusively on Harmonica played by its members. Out of shear excitement I offered my participation which was accepted by all the HCG members with due fondness. I made up my mind that this time I should not miss this golden opportunity of participating in a gala event.

it was Mr Ramana of HalloH also with me from hyderabad. I was very warmly received at the Ahmedabad airport by both the founders of HCG, Mr Nachita desai & Mr Tapan Bhat. Our stay was arranged in the Gujarat Vidyapeeth guest house A/C room After finishing the nice Gujarati lunch we were taken to the recording theatre. After a rehearsal two songs of me & two songs of Ramana were recorded. In the evening had the delicious Moghlai dinner hosted by Nachiketa Jee. The next day the host was Paresh Bhai. My third song was recorded. Had Panjabi meals with Paresh bhai & his son. Evening we had visited the famous Sabarmati Ashram of the father of our nation.

Now comes the real BANG & BLAST. In the evening we were taken to the residence of Mr Bansi gujjar very popularly & affectionately addressed as Bansi kaka. It was 8.30 PM of 25th may the commencement of BAITHAK . Slowly members started pouring in. At the commencement of the session the hall was the thrill of consisting all the harmonica players Nachiketa Ji, Tapan Bhai, maestro Paresh Bhatia, Dronacharya Manohar Vaidya sahab, Younis Bhai, Mr & Mrs Munir chalis hazaar with their two sons, Amaresh Bhai, Kumar Pal shah jee, the two twinkling stars ayushman Devansh & Ayushman Aditya. Finally the host was our dear Bansi kaka. Songs went on rolling one after the other to the excitement of all the people there. I found myself so free & informal as if I know each person from years even though I met them for the first time there. THIS IS THE POWER OF MUSIC WHICH BINDS US & MAKES FEEL THAT THERE IS NO CASTE, CREED OR RELIGION IN ITS WAY. Tapan Bhai was making us more thrilling by showing his bending techniques while playing the song Yaad Kiya dil ne kahaan ho tum being accompanied by Devansh & Aditya. Manohar ji was absolutely perfect in giving the interlude by his harmonica to the songs rendered by Devansh, Aditya & Paresh Bhai. Our dear Bansi kaka got totally sank in this musical atmosphere that he went on giving his whistling accompaniment to each & every song & that too with perfect timing. I was totally emotional & speechless due to the love & confidence that all the HCG members showed on me. At the end of this musical session We had to move for our dinner at 12MN.

At the dinner table it was altogether a different experience. After the food was ordered Bansi kaka has started his second session of singing being accompanied by all of us. It was again a renewed thrill & excitement. I pulled out my harmonica & played a few numbers. There was loud applause & Wah Wah. What an enjoyment it was indeed ! ! ! It took me back to my engineering college days the days of 1970 to 1974. This session was closed at 1.45 AM & we were back to our room by around 2. 15 AM. I had to part from all my HCG friends to retire for the night & get ready to catch the next morning flight.

The next morning ( 26th may ) the flight was at 10 AM. While the wheels were leaving the ground my eyes were not listening to me & I had to wipe them off several times . These rolling tears give a cool whisper in my ears , telling that I too am a member of the HARMONICA CLUB OF GUJARAT.



Friends we received this mail from our senior member shri Ramkrishna Sabnaveesji from Hyderabad. The mail is copied word to word without any change. It was a wonderful occassion to have him with us.

Two living legends Manohar Vaidya and Sabnaveesji met for the first time at Bansikaka's residence, where both of them shared a lot of music with everyone present.

We thank him for being part of the project and Harmonica Club of Gujarat...Thank you so much from all of us.................