Tuesday, September 1, 2009

E Malik Tere Bande Hum: Pankhar NI Haash

Jai Maharaj...
When they started playing the song, everyone present in the hall was mesmerized. Though there was a limitation of sound system, this song created the hypnotic effect in the hall and the musical journey started......
One very important fact I would like to mention here is that, Our Amjadbhai Pathan was having Roja, and all Muslim brothers do not eat, drink or put anything in mouth before certain time, but as he is always committed to the HCG and has responsible role to play in the programme, kept all the rules aside and played for this noble cause. Special thanks to him from all of us.
The Hall was packed with 200 most disciplined, knowledgeable senior citizens.

After the programme we got a chance to see Shri Ram Dasji Maharaj in the Santram Mandir.

Truly it was a wonderful and memorable experience.

Two more programmes are coming up on 25th and 27th. Invitations to all.......
Apoorva Bhatt, Dilipsinh Chavan, Rupesh Parmar and Amjad Khan Pathan