Monday, September 22, 2008

Jane man jane man : S J Prasanna

During my recent visit to Bangalore i happened to meet S J Prasanna, known as 'ONE MAN SHOW'. This young music director does not require any introduction in many states of India and abroad. I feel very fortunate to be with him for almost 2 hours.
His unique feature lies in not only playing ten different instruments of different kinds, but also playing SIX instruments at a time. He has won the prestigious 'ARYABHATA AWARD 2006' for his outstanding service in instrumental music. In 2007 he was honoured with 'CHANAKYA ACHIEVER' and 'JAY PRAKASH NARAYAN'Awards for excellence in music. He is also a recipient of 'RASHTRA RATHNA','VIVEK NIDHI', 'SARVARNA KARNATAKA RATHNA' and many more...
He is a founder and principal of 'VEENA SCHOOL OF INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC'.
Prasanna was very keen on organising a grand show on Harmonicas , where he intends all harmonica players from different parts of country to be on one platform performing for peace and love. His smiling face justifies his name Prasanna.
The members of harmonica club of Gujarat wish you a grand success in your career as a music director and will also look forward to have a very long term association to make this tiny instrument known to the world again.

Aha rimzim ke ye Pyaare Pyaare