Friday, August 6, 2010

A date with Madan Kumar's pupils

Mouth organ maestro Madan Kumar wants to devote the rest of his life to teaching this wonderful musical instrument, which is fast becoming extinct, to the next generation. Ever since he closed down his recording studio about four years ago, he has been teaching young music enthusiasts. This is more out of passion and as a mission to popularize mouth organ among the young people than for monetary considerations.

I had been wanting to meet Madan Kumar's pupils for quite some time now. I met three of them at a popular pub-cum-disc in Pune recently. Pub owner Ramesh Khole, his chief chef Mushtaq Pathan and Meera Patole, three of Madan Kumar's disciples took some time off their busy schedule to meet me. Since it was a week day and that too early in the morning, there were not many guests in the pub.

Ramesh told his disc jockey to shut the music system so that we could have some quiet and peace. I was keen to record at least one number each of Madan Kumar's pupils before the lunch crowd started trooping into the pub. All three of them agreed. Here are the numbers: