Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sirish Swami Joins HCG

Sirish Swami, a non resident Gujarati who has migrated to UK, on a visit to his home town, Ahmedabad, impressed the members of the Harmonica Club of Gujarat with his unique style of playing the instrument. He makes the most of the versatility of this tiny musical instrument by employing all possible techniques - vamping, chording, octave playing, bending - in creating ear soothing music.

At the weekly practice session on Thursday, Sirish joined the group, in his words as a "Spectator". But how could we just allow him to sit among the audience and not play his harmonica? So, after much cajoling, he agreed to play a few numbers, captivating all of us.

While we were about to disperse, HCG secretary Tapan Bhatt sprang a surprise by whispering something in senior player Manohar Majithia and taking him aside. Soon, Manoharbhai returned with the badge of Harmonica Club of Gujarat and pinned it on Sirish Swami's lapel. "We feel privileged to have you as our member," announced Tapan amid a loud applaud.