Friday, February 20, 2009

Man who met Milon Gupta : Sanjay Agarwal

' I was just trying to play harmonica in those days and came across one of the records of Milon Gupta, and that was the day I had decided to meet the mastreo.' All of us wanted to know the other part of the story when Sanjay Agarwal told this.

Chartered Accountant Sanjay Agarwal from Lucknow, visited Ahmedabad to meet all the members of harmonica club.

He said it was very difficult to locate Milon Gupta's house in Culcutta in those days. When he introduced himself as one of his fans, he was given a very warm welcome by Milon Gupta himself and blessed him with many tips to improvise. Those days he used to teach harmonica to the children living in his area.

Sanjay plays harmonica since many years. He played some beautiful songs. It was a nice learning session. He takes help of his son who has won many 1st prizes in violin concerts.

This little wonderful instrument has made many strangers, very close friends. Hasn't it ??