Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wishing you a very Happy New Year

Harmonica Club of Gujarat wishes all the visitoText Colorrs a very Happy New Year.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Apna Dil to Awara

We started the programme with this song.

Harmonica Distribution

Santa and others distributed tower make harmonicas to all the children.

Magic of music

Santa trio( Manhar Majithia, Alex and his son Avlon ) and Paresh Bhatia did the right job to bring big smiles on their faces.

Hum kisi se kum nahi

They were asked to play harmonica on their own and one can see the joy on their faces. They really freaked out.

They played...Danced...and enjoyed

A Real Joy

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Music made them laugh

We all felt a sense of fulfilment last Sunday on seeing smile on the faces of special children. With Harmonica Club members Manohar Majithia and Alex Lobo donning the Santa Claus, playing jingle bell... jingle bell on the mouth organ and Alex's son Avion doing the jig, it became Christmas time at the Prakash residential school for mentally challenged children. Paresh Bhatia and his disciple Devansh played 'Hum Honge Kamyaab' and 'Lakdi ki Kaathi' to the accompaniment of claps from the school children whose joy knew no bounds when each one of them was given a mouth organ by the Harmonica Club. All the children played the harmonica to their heart's content.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Prakash residential school

"Music definitely is a very powerful tool to build and spread compassion among people. Music can carry very subtle messages and communicate messages of peace in a variety of ways." A.R. Rahman.

Monday, December 15, 2008

We are proud of YE DOSTI

Dr. Shahoo, superintendent of Ahmedabad Zoo invited us to play for the visitors. The Ahmedabad zoo is located in the area of 31 acres. This is the only self sustained zoo in the country.
Mr. Asit Vora Chairman of Standing committee ( AMC ) and Deputy commissioner Mr. Patel remained present.
After the harmonica session we were invited by them to participate and play harmonica in the KANKARIA CARNIVAL at 8 pm on 30th December 2008.
Special Thanks to Them

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pukarata chala hu mein : Apoorva Bhatt

During my last visit to Vadodara I had a real good time in learning and playing harmonica with masters. Apoorva Bhatt in full mood played some lovely songs. Everytime we meet, I have something new to learn.
Truly he is full of surprises!!!
Pukarata Chala Hu...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Sholay : Rupesh Parmar

This tune made the harmonica very popular amongst the young people. Every harmonica player loves to play this tune. If someone comes to know that you are a harmonica player, the first tune they will ask you to play is ' Sholay Tune '.
Rupesh Plays it really well...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nind na muzko aaye : Nachiketa Desai

Nachiketa Desai has a unique style of presenting his songs. Most of us prefer listening to him. He is very strong in adding required feeling to the songs.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pal Pal Dil ke Paas : Amjadkhan

Harmonica club of Gujarat wishes him and Akbar Qureshi 'EID MUBARAK'. Amjad Khan collects all kinds of Harmonicas. His aim is to have harmonicas of all kinds and makes by the end of the next year. We have to specially thank him for providing the notations for almost 400 songs. He is also known for gifting his harmonicas to the beginners and learners, recently he gave away his brand new suzuki chromatix 64 to someone...
Amjad Khan, pal pal dil ke paas...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Chaudavi ka chand ho :Manohar Vaidya

Manohar Vaidya is a backbone of the group. At this age, without any vested interest he is always ready to help the group. We do not find words to thank him..
I still remember the day when he came for the first time, silently watching others play, and after the meeting got over he started playing with such an expertise, that members wanting to go home had to stay back for almost an hour. That day all of us felt ...'yes we have found the player we needed the most'.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunday the FUN DAY

This Sunday evening we decided to play Harmonica in the Law Garden. While parking our vehicles, we found two young boys with guitar. We requested if they could play for us.
The moment we started playing harmonica visitors started gathering. Pl watch the response...
Nachiketa Desai played 'mere sapno ki rani kab aayegi tu'

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A tribute to Milon Gupta: Indian Mouth Organ Maestro

In today's net savvy world, as we surf the net in search of harmonica players of the world, we come across thousands of names. They are the most accomplished harmonica players that the world has ever seen and we find only one name from the Indian sub continent. This name is none other than that of the legendary Milon Gupta.

Milon Gupta was born on 22nd November 1933 in Calcutta. His mother was a very accomplished singer in Calcutta having sung in the All India Radio. As a child he used to play the ordinary mouth organs till one marine engineer person from Dover Road / Deodar Street of Calcutta (where Milon Gupta used to live) got him two Hohner Chromatic Harmonicas. And there began the journey of the great Milon Gupta.

A self taught musician with absolutely no formal training, he single handedly took the mouth organ to levels never attained in India. He showed that how a pure Western Instrument with such complications and limitations can be adapted to play Indian melodies and songs with all the perfect nuances. This was evident in his early days itself when he was mesmerising audiences with his skillful playing of songs like ''palkir gaan'', ''gayer bodhu'', ''Ayega anewala'', ''jago mohan pyaare'' and many more, which till then was unheard of being played on a mouh organ.

Such was his repertoire and mastery over that instrument that he soon got noticed by the great composer Salil Chowdhury, whilst he was performing at a local concert. This was way back in 1950-51. Soon came ''Pasher Badi'', a very successful movie in Bengal in those days (which later got remade as Padosan in Hindi), and that movie marked the begining of Milon Gupta's mouth organ being used in films. Soon he set for Bombay and played in innumerable movies like Naukri, CID, Dost, Dosti, Roti, Kashmir ki Kali, Patita, to name a few. He played under the distinguished composers like Salil Chowdhury, Laxmikant-Pyarelal, SD Burman, Kalyanji Anandji, Shankar Jaikishen, OP Nayyar, Mukul Roy, Sudhin Dasgupta, Manna De, Shyamal Mitra, Hemant Kumar and many more. He spent a number of years assisting OP Nayyar and in one of his sittings with OP Nayyar and Majrooh Sultanpuri, the famous Yeh Hain Bombay meri jaan was created. The story goes how OP Nayyar asked him to play that particular western number and Majrooh saab wrote the lyrics on the spot. This was later narrated by Milon Gupta in an interview on Television a few years before his death.

His command over Western music on the instrument was unparalalled. He had a school of sudents who would only learn Latin and Western music from him. Even though he had no formal training, he was equally fluent with both the Indian notation as well as the Western Stave notation. People who have his private recordings of western playing have often compared him to the great Larry Adler who once met Milon Gupta when he came to India for the only time. Almost unbelievable as it may sound, but he adapted this instrument to play kirtans and rabindrasangeet with as much finesse as he used to play Western.

It was because of Milon Gupta that this instrument reach the height of its popularity in India. The old timers in Deodar street still recollect how SD Burman used to drive to his house regularly to drop our very own RD Burman to take lessons from Milon Gupta.

A fact unknown to many, he was one of the only person in India who knew how to repair and retune the mouth organ. He used to spend every Monday to repar mouth organs for hundreds of his students all across the country. Again unbelievable as it may sound in today's world, he never charged a penny for that.

Milon Gupta has innumerable 78 rpms, LPs, EPs, cassettes and CDs to his credit, most of them being smashing hits across the country. Songs played by him like ''o sajna barkha bahar ayi'', ''Ajeeb dastan hain'', ''Aj koi nahin apni'', ''Zindagi kaisi hain paheli'' and many others sound as if the songs were composed keeping him and his instrument in mind.

The mouth organ, as he always used to call it, became a household instrument because of him and after his death on 18th February, 1995, the instrument has almost faded into oblivion from the Indian film and music industry. A perfect gentleman, who was lovingly referred to as Milonda by all and sundry last played some mesmerising interludes in Nachiketa's (one of Calcutta's most popular singers) a few months before his death, giving the audience a taste of the Larry Adler influence on him. A great cook, a perfect gentleman, our very own Milonda is still referred to as one of the finest soloist this country has ever seen. His music still rings in our years and even the current mobile phone generation has seen his numbers being used as caller tunes, such was his spread. As we mark his 75th birthday, the sweet sound of his mouth organ still plays at the back of every music lover.

(Founder member of Harmonica Club of Hyderabad, Ramakrishna Sabnavees wrote this article based on inputs provided by Arijit Mukherjee, the nephew of Milon Gupta)

Friday, November 14, 2008

chand khila : Piyush Pandya

Recently we were talking about the initial days of our waiting in Parimal Garden for players to come and join the club. One Sunday this scientist like person came and introduced himself as Piyush Pandya teaching microbiology in one of the oldest colleges of the country and took out a very old three folded harmonica, and played a very lovely song " piyu bole piya bole". As one of the trustees of the club he has taken up a great responsibility of representing the team on stage.

He writes....

"Harmonica is the first instrument I fell in love with, at the age of 5! Played upto the age of 27,believing that I was very good!!!!!! Lost touch gradually as got married, had children, became busier with growing responsibilities, etc. Played at college and public performances. Apart from Harmonica, also played Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo, Harmonium, Accordion,etc, without bothering for the agony of the audience! Picked up Harmonica again in the elite company of the champions like Manohar Vaidya and Nachiketa Desai, with solid support of Tapan Bhatt, the driving force behind all the members of Harmonica club of Gujarat. I Teach Microbiology at local college, with the charge of Principalship as well."

Chand khila...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hi chal turu turu : Sandip Patankar

"An MBA-Finance working as a supply chain professional. Worked in Ice-cream industry for more than 18 years, Presently with HAVMOR. . Started playing harmonica at the age of 15. with a HERO instrument in 1977 and played in college programme in 1978 – Yad kiya dil ne . Performed in college programmes and family gatherings. Lost touch for 20 years, suddenly revived after coming to know about the Harmonica club of Gujarat. Immediately bought HOHNER 280C .From then every day is a learning experience. Learned a lot from Shri Nachiketabhai ,Chaitanyabhai and from Manohar Vaidya and understood one basic rule from them” no song is complete till it is played with preludes and interludes” I have tried to play this marathi song completely. I have a dream of mastering the art of tounging and playing chords with the able guidance of experts in our group. Already started playing single notes and I am myself able to realize the improvement and change in my playing .." Sandip Patankar.
Hi Chal Turu Turu

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mithi mithi baato se bachana jara : Manhar Majithia

A retired cotton merchant is full time musician.

He has been playing harmonica since almost 50 years now. He is a very good singer, associated with many institutes.

I still remember the night when he first came to our practice session in Satyam Mall, immediately after the practice session he was introduced to other members and then he took out PAN( beatle leaf ) and offered to the pan eaters of the group me and Nachiketa. From that day he keeps offering and I keep eating. I consume most of his stock.

manhar Majithia ... very sweet person.

Recently we performed in a small gathering of Maharastrian families.

Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu Samaj

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

aaye ye Din Bahar ke : Dr. Khandwala, Kiran Shah

From left Paresh Bhatia, Kiran Shah, Dr. Khandwala and Manohar Vaidya played this melodious number.
Every member of the group has experienced their passion for harmonica. Despite their busy schedules, they are never late in any practice session.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Piya piya piya : Bansi Gujjar

An Industrialist, also known for not only warm but royale hospitality has musical ears. He can play any song. The grand practice is always held at his residence with a small group of music lovers. He has a great collection of music, lyrics and musical instruments too. Very active while performing...

with Paresh Bhatia and Manohar Vaidya..
Piya piya piya mera jiya pukare...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

pyar diwana hota hai

I have been into Diwali vacation mood past couple of days. With nothing much to do on the work front, I took up harmonica and tried playing some long forgotten numbers that I used to play more than 30 years ago. Here is one such number:
Pyar Diwana Hota Hai, Mastana Hota hai

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Diwali and a prosperous new year


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pal Pal Pal : Alex Lobo

Alex is a qualified Cost Accountant. He is working with the Western Railways. Being one of the very dedicated and sincere members of the club, is always ready to take up the responsibilities. He keeps helping people with his expertise in accupressure. His son Avelon is picking up music now. Lovely person to be with.....
Paresh Bhatia played with him.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Aage bhi jaane na tu : Tapan Bhatt

This song is dedicated to my GURUS (TEACHERS).
Paresh Bhatia, Amjadkhan Pathan, Dilipsinhji Chavan, Apoorva Bhatt and Manohar Vaidya.
Special Thanks to all of them.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maine tere liye : Dashman

Dash, as i mentioned once, is a very soft spoken person plays harmonica smoothly. The committment is seen in his playing. He really gets lost while playing, but very possesive about his harmonica, the other day when I was in his studio, got a chance to play his 280 of Hohner. On the way back , Amjadbhai asked me with a surprise that how Dash had allowed me to play his harmonica, The answer was very simple 'both of us could not resist'. that's all.....
Apoorva Bhatt played the music in this song.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Harmonica Club of Hyderabad Launched

Harmonica players of Hyderabad, who have formed a club, began performing in a public park last Sunday, with the aim of popularizing this tiny sweet musical instrument. It was a small beginning, reminding us of similar beginning in Ahmedabad. We are sure, like what happened in Gujarat, the tribe of harmonica players in Hyderabad too would grow soon. Here are some video recordings of their performance.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Zindagi Khwab hai : Kumarpal Shah

Treasurer of the club Kumarpal Shah, also plays Key Board and Tabla. He plays some very famous hindi numbers on Harmonica. He is also in the advisory board of energy saving.
In this song we experimented with rythm on harmonica. Paresh Bhatia did it beautifully. As usual Manohar Vaidya was up to the mark....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hello Hyderabad !

Dear Nachiketa Sahab,
I am Sabnavees from hyderabad. We had our take off on 12th October 2008. The venue was Indira Park at the lower tank bund road, hyderabad. We took off with four members. It was from 7 am to 8.30 am. A good number of melodies of Shankar - Jaikishen, Nayyar sahab, Ravi ji & R.D.Burman were played in turn.

It had attracted the attention of the morning walkers. A few came to us & enquired whether we will come again. It was really exciting for us. We gave them the assurance that we are back to the same spot at the same time on 19th again.

On 19th we are adding some more players to the chain. I am very much sure the visitors will increase . Once they know that we are there then the strength will increase by itself. I have already sent a mail to Mr reddy to give us a coverage. he has agreed for 19th programme.

Herewith the photograph taken just after finishing the programme. looking from left to right. 1. Mr Mahender Gala, Garments business man having own shop at Kothi. He is a Gujarati & native of Kutch. 2. Its me. 3. Mr A.Raj Kumar, Working in The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. 4. Mr Ashwin Betai, a wholesale cloth merchant of hyderabad. He is a Gujarati from Dwarka.
I request you to kindly post the snap in your estemed site so that the people around the world can have a glimpse of them.

Thanking you.

Your's sincerely,


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BACK IN ACTION : Nachiketa Desai

This is the first performance after 10 days of his open heart surgery. It is rightly said that ' Music is the divine source of energy '.... in any form.
Phoolon ke rang se

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mere naina sawan bhado : Vardhman Jain

Vardhman Jain is known to all harmonica players on eSnips. He prefers to play with Karaoke tracks. One thing was found very interesting during his participation in the programme, that every member of his family was feeling very proud and happy. His wife gave a lovely introduction of the song with a shayari written by her, his younger son played the karaoke track on laptop...,what an encouragement from his family!!! Truely it was a family performance and a treat to watch him play this beautiful number.
Musical necklace is becoming longer and longer...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jawaniya ye mast mast: Manohar Vaidya

In Gujarati 'Jawani' means young age and , 'Juwaniya' means young people. In the last post I have mentioned the transformation of senior citizens in to young kids. Here is the PROOF.

Me Kya karu: Chaitanya Desai

When Chaitnya Desai first approached the group he was a very shy person. I swear today he has regressed to the age of 18 years. Without him the group is incomplete. Sometimes when i am alone thinking of those days when senior citizens were joining the club, I ask a question to myself, AM I PLAYING WITH THE SAME GRAND FATHERS WHO CAME WITH THEIR GRAND CHILDREN OR COLLEGE STUDENTS!!!!!!!!!!!
Honestly speaking all of us have regressed to the age of 18 years!!
I sincerely thank all the senior players for making the club alive with their love and blessings.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Launch of Harmonica Club of Hyderabad

We all wish good luck to the official launch of Harmonica Club of Hyderabad on 12th of October 2008.
The dream has come true with the sincere efforts of Mr. Ramakrishna Sabnavees and all his friends.
Isn't this wonderful, that such a small pocket size forgotten musical instrument has brought so many lovely people from the musical world come closer to each other.
This has been made possible only because each one of us has a common interest in playing and making the world realize the sweet little place of this instrument known as 'Harmonica' or ' Mouth Organ'.
Let us pray to the Goddess Saraswati, to bless all the members of Harmonica Club of Hyderabad for their contribution to the instrumental music.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jeena Yaha : Apoorva Bhatt

Apoorva Bhatt played the famous violin pieces of this song on harmonica. He has been trying this for a very long time, though not satisfied fully with his own performance!! For us it was a musical treat with a lesson.
He always tells me ' Try to play better than last time '. The only way to improve....
'To blow a mouth organ and to Play a mouth organ' both are different activities... Rightly said by Piyush Pandya.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Never on a Sunday : Mrs. Rohini Jhala

The only lady of the group played a very famous number. She was a proud student of The Legend, Mr. Damari. She has been playing harmonicas since almost 50 years now.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yaad kiya dil ne

Apoorva Bhatt, Yogesh Joshi and Manohar Vaidya.
Yogesh Joshi is very passionate about his music, joined the club recently. Welcome to the Harmonica Club of Gujarat...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jaise Suraj Ki : Teacher and Students

From left Paresh Bhatia, Rishin, Amay and Devansh welcomed the audience with 'Jaise Suraj ki'.
Rishin and Amay have been playing harmonica for two months only.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Music brings good people together

It was our great pleasure to have Abe Thomas and Steve with us in Ahmedabad from 25th to 27th September 2008. From the airport we went directly to host Bansi Gujjar's residence, where we were to practice for the next day's programme. Before a small group of music lovers Abe played 'lag ja gale' and won the hearts of everyone present there.
Next day Presh Bhatia and Manohar Vaidya took them to 'Akshardham' and 'Gandhi Ashram'.
Abe was able to mesmerise the crowd with his style of playing. I would like to quote what he has written without his permission...
'Dear Nachiketa-bhai and Tapan-bhai...,
What great passion you all have... and what great pleasure to get involved with your group. A week after a by-pass surgery... and Nachiketa-bhai, it is great to see you playing the harmonica... Music surely has the power to heal...
Steve and I thoroughly enjoyed our time there and hope to return to Ahmedabad next year to continue our musical relationship.Thanks for arranging our stay at Gandhi-ji's Ashram. There is some incredible energy I cannot describe in words!...Kind regards, Abe'

Lag Ja Gale

All of us celebrated the beginning of a never ending relationship.

"As a scientist, I am convinced that the nature functions as a rhythm whether it is a rhythm of the heartbeat, movement of electron in orbitor the high/low tides of the sea. Everything is rhythmic and musical"

- A P J Abdul Kalam, President of India. Feb, 1, 2006.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sandy the Sailor

I met Sandeep Singh, known among his friends as Sandy, on the Internet in 2006. In fact, it was he who introduced me to and told me to post my harmonica numbers on the Internet for everyone to listen to.
He has been a sailor for a number of years and is currently doing his post graduation in management from IIM-Bangalore. "A globe trotter and a nature lover..believes in developing sustainable environment for a healthy and prosperous life..." that's how Sandy likes to describe himself.

When insisted to tell more about himself, Sandy says: "sandeep kumar singh...from bhubaneswar orissa...worked in mahindra and later moved to the sea to see the some real lessons about life from the lonely oceans and have come back to start afresh...doing my MBA now and hope to do great things in life..picked up the harmonica when i was 15 or idea what a scale is ..but can manage to play a few teacher: my ears !!"

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Second Inning : Return of Khare

One more surprise to all the vadodara harmonica players is that I also met and spent a great time with Chandrashekhar Khare. He used to be one of the finest players of Vadodara and he frequently visited Mr Fadnis with Apoorva Bhatt. After coming in to contact with harmonica club of Gujarat he has started playing the harmonica again and may be this is the first video I could take of his second inning. Both of us visited Mr. Prasanna and Mr. Thomas where he shared his views on music. He has been a very good Tabla Player also.
Last thing he told me before I left him was that it was a very memorable day for him. He could not believe that for almost 4 hours he was discussing only on harmonica and his old friends in Vadodara after 12 YEARS.
Yes, I did meet THE LOST GEM.

Papa kehte hai

Monday, September 22, 2008

Jane man jane man : S J Prasanna

During my recent visit to Bangalore i happened to meet S J Prasanna, known as 'ONE MAN SHOW'. This young music director does not require any introduction in many states of India and abroad. I feel very fortunate to be with him for almost 2 hours.
His unique feature lies in not only playing ten different instruments of different kinds, but also playing SIX instruments at a time. He has won the prestigious 'ARYABHATA AWARD 2006' for his outstanding service in instrumental music. In 2007 he was honoured with 'CHANAKYA ACHIEVER' and 'JAY PRAKASH NARAYAN'Awards for excellence in music. He is also a recipient of 'RASHTRA RATHNA','VIVEK NIDHI', 'SARVARNA KARNATAKA RATHNA' and many more...
He is a founder and principal of 'VEENA SCHOOL OF INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC'.
Prasanna was very keen on organising a grand show on Harmonicas , where he intends all harmonica players from different parts of country to be on one platform performing for peace and love. His smiling face justifies his name Prasanna.
The members of harmonica club of Gujarat wish you a grand success in your career as a music director and will also look forward to have a very long term association to make this tiny instrument known to the world again.

Aha rimzim ke ye Pyaare Pyaare

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dil loot ne wale: Chaitanya Desai

Retired SBI manager picked up harmonica almost after 40 years. I would like to narrate a small incidence about him.
Very very long back when he was in the college, he happened to meet Manohar Vaidya through a common friend. They talked about their interests in music and one thing was common, The Harmonica. Mr. Vaidya used to play harmonica in college functions but Chaitanya Desai being shy never played on a stage. After his graduation Chaitanya Desai joined the SBI and got married. In his busy life he forgot his music and Mr. vaidya too...
When we used to practice in the public park he used to come there and stand very far and watch us play, never came and talked to us. After three weeks, when he could not resist himself, he approached Nachiketa and softly took out his harmonica. I was out of town that day and i still remember Nachiketa called me on my mobile and asked Chaitanya Desai to play a song. While he was playing the song Vaidyaji arrived and believe me Desai recognising his old friend and jumped out of joy and called Vaidyaji by his name and everyone was surprised to see two lost friends meeting after such a long time. Today they are leading the group.
Such a small musical insrument has broght both friends together again and dear friends, they are worth watching when they are in real mood......
Long live their friendship.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Star is born again : Abey

'The Star is born again'. Yes, this is Abey, son of our great friend Abe Thomas. The name Abe Thomas is known to all the Harmonica players across the globe. A real good harp player has been providing a lot of information on harmonicas. Abey like his daddy, is trying to play the lovely Alto Single made by Suzuki. I am sure one day he will turn out to be one of the greatest players of harmonicas. All the members of Harmonica Club of Gujarat convey love and best wishes to this lovely little boy.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tara vina shyam mane : Kshitija

When i met her for the first time in Vadodara, she really surprised me with a song 'Tadap Tadap' , one of the most beautiful compositions of Mr. Ismail Darbar.This telented little girl played a gujarati garbo ' tara vina shyam mane ekaladu lage'. She was very keen on playing this particular song during her visit to Ahmedabad. Mr. manoj Joshi a very famous film actor was invited in this programme.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Artist's Delight

Artist Navin Suchak uses his sketch book to capture delightful moments of his life. On an evening stroll at Ahmedabad's central park, the Law Garden, last Sunday, he chanced upon the group of harmonica players which has made it a practice to play in public gardens in an effort to revive this handy musical instrument. Navin Suchak was particularly fascinated by Dr. Naresh Khandwala and Professor Piyush Pandya playing harmonica before an enthusiastic crowd of onlookers. Here is how the artist captured the spirit:

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Aaj kal tere mere pyar ke charche : Birth Day Boy, Devansh

Harmonica club was once again invited for a charity show in the Tagore Hall by 'Happening'. The programme started with a surprise, a song on mouth organ.It was a tribute to late Rafi Saab, Paresh Bhatia and Devansh played 'aaj kal tere mere pyar ke charche har jabaan par'. 31st August is Devansh's Birthday and all of us wish him Many Happy Returns of the Day. Devansh's parents have given him Lary Adler professional 16 as a gift. I would like to introduce Paresh Bhatia to all of you by mentioning that he can write the notations in the exact scale while the song is being played even for the first time. His sense of musical notations is just amazing. With his help,very shortly we are going to publish notations of different hindi songs on this blog, for which we will require your demands. So pl start giving your demands. Let us see who is the first to ask.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vardhaman Jain: On Right Track

Vardhaman Jain, an engineer working for the Indian Railways, is a highly talented harmonica player, who has kept himself away from limelight. However, we tracked him down through the ubiquitious medium of the Internet. Here, he has described his tryst with this cute and sweet little instrument:

"I have always been an avid music lover since my childhood.During my engineering graduation at MNIT Jaipur(1979-84) I used to play violin . 0ne bright day , sitting in my hostel I heard a beautiful tune on mouthorgan . I immediately stood up and followed the tune. It was none other than my friend Pradeep Verma ( currently working in Maruti Udyog Ltd.Gurgaon )

I was so fascinated by this tiny instrument producing so sweet & melodious sound that I couldn't resist from buying one for myself.

My first harmonica was' Tower' made in China. On the very first day I tried to play "Hai apna dil to aawara....." & I succeeded.I was highly motivated.During those days I used to listen mouthorgan tunes of Late Shri Milon Gupta on radio & try to copy them.

Inspite of my keen love for the instrument , somehow it got discontinued because of my busy working life in Railway. . After my posting in Vadodara I had an opportunity to perform in Railway Officers Club, which has once again given life to my old hobby.

With deepest gratitude I wish to thank every person who has come into my life & inspired me to continue the journey towards my passion.I don't have any formal training in music.I believe in listening music....then.. just go by my ears....& try to copy the tune.

I sincerely listen to each and every mouthorganist and try to learn something out of their playing. This is the only way to learn & improve for me.

With this intention only I've joined esnips and I hope to share and learn from anybody who is passionate for the instrument. I would like to thank all e-snipers who help me in this task.....who motivate me through their me through their valuable suggestions....

I'll keep on uploading my home recordings on this website. Please take out some time to listen & give me your honest opinion to correct my flaws.

1. Mere Mehboob Kayamat Hogi

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2. Main Shayar To Nahi
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3.Mere Naina Sawan Bhado
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4.Yeh Raat Yeh Chandni
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An Appeal to Harmonica Lovers

The response to this blog has been overwhelming ever since it was launched three months ago. The blog has been attracting visitors from across the globe - North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. It has visitors even from the tiny island Hawaii.

While this is very encouraging, there is no way we can contact the visitors and develop with them a strong bonding. We would like to interact with all the visitors and share our experience, thrill and joy with them. This is possible only if the visitors not just leave their footprints but send in their comments as well.

We would love to showcase all the harmonica players on the blog by posting their profile, photos, videos and audios. We appeal to all harmonica players who visit the blog to send in their brief introduction, photos and recordings of their numbers in audio and video formats.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sabnavees Spells Magic through Suzuki

We had introduced Ramakrishna Sabnavees on this blog sometime ago. An engineer by profession, Sabnavees had picked up mouth organ in his childhood. He is the founder of the Harmonica Club of Hyderabad. May his tribe grow. Here are some of his numbers:










Jaane Kahan Gaye Voh Din

I have been feeling very depressed past one week for not being able to play mouth organ because of some health problem. My doctor has advised me to go easy till I recover fully.

Ever since I had this problem, friends from all over Gujarat have been calling me up to inquire about my health. Those in Ahmedabad had come to the hospital and at home to meet me. Today, I was blessed by the visit of Apoorva Bhatt and Dilipsinh Chavan who drove down from Baroda on a motor cycle just to meet me.

I grabbed the opportunity to make them play for me while I captured it on video. So, here is a special gift to me from Apoorvabhai and Chavan Saab:

Saturday, August 23, 2008

When Ahmedabad Players Rocked

The Harmonica Club of Gujarat was invited by the Lions Club of Karnavati to render two group songs. Lion Kumarpalbhai Shah, who is also a founder member of the Harmonica Club wanted to introduce our team members to the elite audience. The programme was specially organized for the inmates of oldage homes. More than 100 parents deserted by their children attended the programme. The Harmonica Club members played Yaad kiya dil ne kaha ho tum and Hai apna dil to aawara. The auditorium rocked with humming from the audience.
The players from left to right: Tapan Bhatt, Chaitanya Desai, Yogesh Bhatt, Alex Lobo, Ashwin Wasunjakar, Sandeep Patankar,Dr. Khandwala, Kumarpal shah, Piyush Pandya, Manohar Vaidya, Bansi Gujjar, Rohini Jhala, Devansh Shah, Manhar Majithia.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jare Udaja re Panchhi : Apoorva Bhatt

Apoorva Bhatt played this song in Kamati Baug, Vadodara.
He prefers to play 12 hole chromatic harmonica in scale C.
I remember my first meeting with Apoorva Bhatt, I had just started learning to play harmonica from Paresh Bhatia. One evening he told me that a harmonica group was invited in Ahmedabad and i must attend the show as he was to fly to Dubai.
I reached the venue one hour earlier with my collection of harmonicas.
I was introduced to all the players by Amjadbhai and then suddenly Apoorva Bhatt came to me looking at the collection softly asked ' very nice , now let us hear you play ', and i took out one tiny Marine Band Delux and started playing ' maine tere liye hi saat rang ke ' which i had recently learnt. The moment i finished the first stanza he stopped me and started playing the interlude music. That time I noticed two things, one he was playing some different instrument than mine and secondly his style of play.
I asked him to show his harmonica and that was 12 hole super chromonica 270.
I took the complete video of the programme as i was asked to sit in the first raw, and after the programme got over i went to him to get some tips. He gave me his visiting card and said ' come to Baroda for the whole day ' that's all....
Then after a couple of days he called me and asked if i could share the video of that programme with him, and also gave me a hint that Holi was after two days. And i was in Baroda on Holi.
we spent the whole day together with Amjadbhai, Rupesh and one little girl who plays Tadap Tadap song. I was trained to play Chords, Octave, Whamping etc. That day I had my first Chromatic harmonicas. I was given super chromonica 270 and 280.
I had mentioned this incidence in the yahoo group, thanking all the Baroda players.
Today not a single day goes without talking.
Only fortunate people get a friend like Apoorva Bhatt.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jaane Kaisa Hai Mera Diwana

I am learning single notes playing from Manohar Vaidya, the maestro who plays any tune with perfection and minutest details on the harmonica. Till I heard him play, I was under the illusion that I could play good harmonica. But, I was hiding behind chords and vamping to shield my flaws. Once I started playing in single notes, I realized how difficult it is to take out any tune with perfection. One needs to not just completely internalize the tune but reproduce it on the harmonica. Here I have ventured to play a number from the film Aansu Ban Gaye Phool. Please comment on it so that I can improve. You need to click on the the first line of the song under the small icon given below to be able to listen to it.

jaane kaisa hai me...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Gaadi Bula Rahi Hai : Apoorva Bhatt

People in Vadodara say That,Textile engineer Apoorva Bhatt got his first harmonica in the cradle !!!
Inspired by his father who used to play flute then, started playing harmonica at a very tender age, has trained more than a dozen professional players.
He played Gaadi Bula Rahi Hai in Ahmedabad, normally Rupesh whistels on harmonica for him but due to certain unavoidable circumstances he could not join the group and Amjadbhai performed without any practice.
This video gives the proper introduction of Apoorva Bhatt's calibre.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Chandrashekhar Khare: Lost Gem Found

Yesterday was a day of pleasant surprises, thanks to the google chat link on our Blog. I got to chat with a couple of harmonica lovers. One was Chandrashekhar Khare. I had heard so much about him from Apoorva Bhatt and Tapan Bhatt. We had a brief exchange over the chat window and, then suddenly the Internet connection was lost, before I could ask for his contact details. However, I was filled with joy on receiving an email from him today. I was overwhelmed. I called him up to seek his permission to put up his email on the blog. He was kind to have allowed me. Here it is:

Dear Nachiketa ji,

It was a pleasure talking to you on chat yesterday. I was thrilled to no extents.

I am actually preparing a few song recordings on my harmonica with the help of my mobile phone. However,due to lack of practice of years, I am unable to get the kind of finish that I expect from myself. So it sounds very amateurish.Hence I am taking some more time to send my recordings. Request you to bear with me. Please do not think that I am acting pricey or something ( just in case you felt this way). I am a learner of this fine art which is a gift of Maa Saraswati to all of us.
I feel really happy the way Blogspot page for the Harmonica Club of Gujarat is shaping up. It is only and only because of your rich experience in Journalism that it has the fine look that we see. The presentation of blog page is really nice and the language is great. It is like going through articles from any good national level newspaper. With a person like you around, it has to be that way !! Hats off to you !!
I was introduced to Apurva Bhai sometime in 1994-95 during my stay at Baroda. In fact I used to go to meet Late Shri Sarag Fadnis, himself a great harmonica player, where I first got to meet Apurva Bhai. Till then I used to play a chinese Chromatic instrument called "Lark".Then I got my first Super Chromonica through Shri Fadnis. I still play the same along with my 64X chromonica which I purchased much later in year 2000/2001. It was only this year that I came to know about the sad demise of Shri Fadnis that happened a few years back. I remember that Shri Fadnis had got a few recordings done in a professional studio in Baroda. In case those are still available with his family, I suggest they can also be put in the blog as a tribute.Apurva Bhai may be able help in this regards as they both stayed in the same area in Baroda.

Apurva Bhai, as you know is a brilliant artiste. I became an instant fan upon meeting him. More importantly, he broke one myth that I believed in. I used to think that Gujaratis can not be good musicians. For them only money is music. But he shattered that myth and I now believe that Gujaratis can do whatever they set their eyes on !!!!

Mr Prabhakar Bhatt Bhatt was in same company ( DDE-ORG Systems) in Baroda where I used to work earlier. For an year or so we didn't know each other. But through a common colleague, we got introduced to each other and our mutual interest in harmonica. He was the one who first took me to Shri Sarang Fadnis. And after that for the entire stay of mine in Baroda, I was in regular touch with Apurva Bhai, Sarang ji and Prabhakar ji. In October 1995, I left Baroda for a new job in Ahmedabad. Those were not the days of e-mail and mobile. So after some days, I lost touch with all of them and actually with my instrument also. Apurva bhai and I had a brief communication on letters for about an year. But then everything was lost for a long gap of about 12-13 years.

This year beginning ( perhaps) feb/March, I happened become member of a google group of my Baroda company where I saw the profile of Shri Prabhakar Bhatt Bhatt. I immediately sent him an e-mail. That is where everything started again. I got the number of Apurva Bhai from him. And Apurva Bhai,being the large hearted man that he is, immediately introduced me to countless other harmonica players almost within a week's time and still going on .... But again, destiny took a different turn and I landed in Bangalore on transfer in my present company i.e. Wipro. Only this time, I want to ensure that I never again lose touch with the wonderful people I have met !!
I was trying hard to meet Mr Tapan Bhatt before leaving Ahmedabad. But somehow it did not happen.I will not miss second chance whenever I get it !! I used to in Jodhpur Gam area since 1999 and used to go to Vastrapur from the same road where he stays. What a pity I got introduced to him so late !!
I think I will be testing your patience of reading in case I go on writing the mail beyond this point. So I will give it a break here itself and preserve something for my next mail !!
Warm regards
Chandrashekhar Khare
Project Manager - SI
HP: +91 9741498019

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Magician Who Plays Mouth Organ: Ashok Bhandari

Internet has made the world very small, where you can bump into strangers as well as long lost friend. Ashok Bhandari, my classmate at Banaras Hindu University, found me one day through Orkut and scrapped me. My joy knew no bounds. We were getting in touch after more than 30 years. During these years, Ashok had become a professional magician.

(Left: P C Sorcar Right: Ashok Bhandari)

Ashok Bhandari is a recognized name in the world of magic. He feels that magic is a healthy means of entertainment so he uses a mix of magic, music and theater to make it more interesting. He wants to expose the abuse of magic so in all his shows he has a section showing how easy it is to cheat people by using magic. He likes to educate people through his shows and demonstrates how easy it is to use magic to fool people so that they cant be the victims of all the taantriks and godmans. He likes to perform for children the most to catch them and teach them very young.

Ashok bhandari is a magician of over 40 years of experience, performing over a thousand shows in India and Abroad He started performing magic at a very young age of 5 years. He has performed in almost every country in Europe including Japan, and Russia .

He has been awarded many times around the world. At the very young age of 5 he was awarded by Pt. Jawahar lal Nehru ( the prime minister of India) in the year 1962. Then at the age of 12 he was awarded by Smt Indira Gandhi in the year 1969. he was awarded by the President of India Mr B.D.Jatti at the Rashtrapati Bhawan New Delhi. He was awarded “The WONDERKING “ by the people of japan when he performed at the Japanese Hawaiian center for three continuous months non-stop.

Now he is concentrating on children and performing shows in schools also in different parts of India to promote how to be aware of the magic abuse amongst children. He is also working on a design of a small workshop to teach magic using small house hold and easy to use chemicals

The reason why I am featuring him on this blog is not just because he is my childhood friend, but because he is an excellent harmonica player. He plays harmonica during his magic shows. Here are a few clips of the numbers he has played.

1. Yaad Kiya Dil Ne Kaha Ho Tum

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2. Mere Dil E Nadan
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3. Arabian Music
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Friday, August 8, 2008

Our Heartfelt Condolence

Harmonica Club of Gujarat expresses deep sorrow over the sad demise of Mr. Amanulla Khan, father of our member Amjad khan ( Babubhai ).
He was 68 years old and is survived by his wife, two sons and two daughters.
May the Almighty give strength to the family to withstand the bereavement.
May his soul rest in peace.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dosti Dash ke Saath : Dash

Dash does not require any introduction. His harmonica speaks on his behalf.
Heading from orissa is now settled in vadodara owns a studio, plays harmonica since childhood.
He is very good in playing chords and octaves.
All of you will love his style of playing harmonics.. very smooth....
When he was serving in Indian Army, he found his harmonica as the best companion.
pl watch his video.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mouth organ/ Harmonicas for sale : Amjadbhai Pathan

Dear Harmonica lovers,
I have 100 pcs of Tower brand Chromatic Harmonicas for sale. Basic price is Rs 140 + freight.
Pl contact on 09327235096.
Amjad pathan
( Babubhai, Vadodara )

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Some of my videos

Yeh Dil Na Hota Bechara

Tumhe Yaad Hoga Kabhi Hum Mile The

O Neend Na Mujhko Aaye

Tum Mile Raah Mein

Phoolon Ke Rang Se

jab we met we were school going kids : Kiranbhai and Dr. Khandwala

They were school going kids when they met for the first time. Kiranbhai went to US and today he is in the computer business. Dr. Nareshbhai Khandwala became an orthopaedic surgeon. Totally different fields for both of them but one thing is still alive with them since their childhood and that is Passion for Harmonica.
Harmonica club of Gujarat is proud to have both of them as senior members.

All the members of harmonica club of Gujarat thank Dr. Khandwala for his sincere efforts in managing the entire show in the Cancer Hospital.
We dedicate the Friendship day to both of them.

Long live their friendship !! Cheers !!!!
Kiranbhai plays a song from Jab we met

Dr. Naresh Khandwala
aaye din bahar ke

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friendship Day

I used to scoff at the plethora of 'days' that have mushroomed recently. However, today I realized the importance of celebrating such days after I received a 'Friendship Day' greetings from Tapan Bhatt, a man I did not know four months ago but who is today among my closest friends. Not a day goes without talking to him.

When I think of it, I have similar feelings for all the members of the Harmonica Club of Gujarat. All of us have become so close in the last couple of months. This is a rare phenomenon in a fast-paced life like ours where individuals are becoming more and more self-centric.

Passion for music is what bonds all of us. There is no other common factor that binds so many people with diverse background.

Happy friendship day to all harmonica players.

"Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Todenge".

Friday, August 1, 2008

Ye mera prem patra padh kar : Piyushbhai Dave

We were discussing with Apoorvabhai about the players, who were to perform in the Cancer Hospital. And he suggested that in Vadodara they had a player who could play any song if he heard it only once. Immediately all of us asked to request him to come and perform in Ahmedabad.
Piyushbhai Dave a music teacher in one of the reputed schools proved Apoorvabhai's claim 100% right with his talent.
He became a member of the Harmonica Club of Gujarat there and then only.
Probably he thought what is happening is right and quite transperrent...
Piyushbhai, we promise that every member of our club will feel proud no matter where he or she is from... We are proud to have you with us.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Suhani Raat Rafi ke Naam : Vaidyaji and Bhattji

Two very senior players shri Manoharbhai Vaidya and Shri Yogeshbhai Bhatt on behalf of the Harmonica Club of Gujarat paid homages to Late. Mohammad Rafi by playing Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki in Gandhi Gruh Vadodara.
Both of them don't speak much but let me tell you their harmonicas are very talkative..........

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Uthe sabke kadam : The Indian Adler Trio

From Left manthan, Devansh and Amit are promising young stars of new age harmonicas.
Studying in the tenth std they feel relaxed while playing harmonica. Despite their tight schedules in studies they agreed to pray and play harmonica for the well being of patients.....yes at this age...
this happens only in India......
I know there are also a couple of young girls playing harmonica.....
Where are you ?????
Pl send your videos let the whole world watch and appreciate your talent...
Harmonica club of Gujarat will always promote the youth i promise.

Monday, July 28, 2008

They Captivated the Audience

Players of the Harmonica Club of Gujarat were invited to perform at Baroda's Gandhi Nagar Gruh (Town Hall) on July 26, 2008 in memory of Mohammed Rafi, the great Hindi film playback singer. Manohar Vaidya and Yogesh Bhatt enthralled the audience with their rendition of the song 'Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki, Na Jaane Tum Kab Aoge. Here are some photographs that reflect the mood.

Jaane kaha gaya Jigar mera : M. K. Vaidya

One of the trustees of Harmonica Club of Gujarat shri M.K.Vaidya has been playing with harmonica for atleast 50 years now. He is too good at Key board and Violin. Our Teacher.....Friend...and a Guide..........Our Asset too.

Aaj Kal Tere Mere : Group song

Under the leadership of one of the respected trustees Apoorvabhai, members played aaj kal tere mere pyar ke charche hai har jaban par........
Ya they were right.... Har jaban par

Ye Dil Muzhe Bata de : Yusufchacha

Yusufchacha played aye dil muzhe bata de. He was deeply satisfied after playing in the Cancer Hospital.

Aum Jay Jagdish Hare : Amjadbhai Pathan

What a start it was with Aum Jay Jagdish Hare in the cancer hospital. Everyone prayed for the patients for their well beings.
CAMA hall was full with patients and their relatives.
All the players now the members of harmonica club of Gujarat enjoyed the Show...DIL SE...........

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thank you my friends - Yogesh Bhatt

Some times you do not find right words to express your feelings. The same things happened to me today. It was my birthday yesterday, but we (Manohar Vaidya, Nachiketa Desai and I) had gone to Baroda to perform as amateur Harmonica players and so could not celebrate the birthday.

Today, the Harmonica players had gathered together as usual. I also joined them. The players came one by one. I was unaware of their sweet and secret conspiracy to celebrate my birthday. After about one and a half hour when most players had arrived and it was time to disperse, one of the players secretly took out a bouquet of fresh flowers and presented it to me. Another player took out a box of birthday cake and pushed a piece into my mouth. Three players took out their Harmonica and started playing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.

It was so overwhelming and so sudden that I did not know how to reciprocate. It was my 59th birthday. And, perhaps this was the first birthday that was celebrated like this with FRIENDS. I did not know how friends could be. In fact, I had no friends at all, being a typical judge that I was. Perhaps my nature was such that people did not like to come close to me. I had addressed them in this write up as Harmonica Players. But, now I will call them my friends. They are TAPAN BHATT, NACHIKETA DESAI, MANOHARBHAI VAIDYA, PIYUSH PANDYA, ALEX LOBO, KUMARPAL SHAH, MANOHARBHAI MAJITHIA. There are also other friends who could not come today but conveyed their good wishes to me. I thank them all.

MY FRIENDS, once again I am indebted to all of you, who have given me a different sight to look at the life which I was thinking as boring till now. I now have a new vision, am a student again at 59, many things to learn and all that without tension or stress.