Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jawaniya ye mast mast: Manohar Vaidya

In Gujarati 'Jawani' means young age and , 'Juwaniya' means young people. In the last post I have mentioned the transformation of senior citizens in to young kids. Here is the PROOF.

Me Kya karu: Chaitanya Desai

When Chaitnya Desai first approached the group he was a very shy person. I swear today he has regressed to the age of 18 years. Without him the group is incomplete. Sometimes when i am alone thinking of those days when senior citizens were joining the club, I ask a question to myself, AM I PLAYING WITH THE SAME GRAND FATHERS WHO CAME WITH THEIR GRAND CHILDREN OR COLLEGE STUDENTS!!!!!!!!!!!
Honestly speaking all of us have regressed to the age of 18 years!!
I sincerely thank all the senior players for making the club alive with their love and blessings.