Monday, June 9, 2008

Harmony of Symphony

Most of us have been playing the harmonica, also called mouth organ, since we were little boys and girls. We had got our first harmonica as our birthday present. We were unaware of the techniques required to play the instrument properly. None the less, the passion of playing the harmonica grew with time. Some of us learned the instrument on our own, some were lucky to have a teacher.

With the passage of time, as we grew older, got married, took up jobs and followed our respective careers, we found hardly any time to play music. However, the love for harmonica remained, though we couldn't display it overtly.

Every city and town has a sizeable number of people who are in love with mouth organ. However, except for the smaller town where everyone knows everyone, very few harmonica players knew each other.

Then came the Internet. And, the world shrunk. The globe became a big village and it was possible for like-minded people to get in touch with one another.

Thanks to social networking websites and discussion forums, some of the harmonica players of Gujarat came together. The love for the instrument got rekindled. The Harmonica Club of Gujarat was born. With over 50 members scattered all across this western Indian state, the Harmonica Club is rocking, and how.

First, the club members decided to perform at a public garden in Ahmedabad every Sunday morning. The idea was to spread awareness among the people who frequented the garden for their morning walk and jog.

The first day brought curious onlookers. The event found coverage in the local media. The next Sunday saw many new members participating.

Today, the love for harmonica has brought together people from various walks of life. They include jurists, businessmen, academics, journalists, doctors,lawyers and engineers.

We will be posting here the harmony created by this motley group of amateur artistes.


Radhi said...

Congratulations to the Harmonica Club and here's wishing you great times ahead.

Apurva Bahadur said...

This is great stuff, so warm and human. Music in its simplest yet complete, full bodied form. Wishing more power (and younger members) to this unique club. Apurva/ Pune.

Shyama said...

Really nice to see such good music - heard it a few times today :)

krupa said...

Creating harmonious symphony is like coming closer to god.Wishing u a splendid success!

Sujatha said...

cheers...wish you all a great and musical time ahead

Vishal said...

congretulations to all the club members and wishing and hoping great zeal from all.

majorseventh said...

This is really fantastic ! Congratulations to you all and wish you all the best and many years of harmonica playing together.
How about making some your solo playing and group playing available online ?


pravin said...

wonderful initiative!
the world needs good music to calm down...

best wishes

Radhi said...

Revisited the blog today--enjoyed the melody n experienced the harmony in music.Thank you.

krupa said...

Beautiful music-
u r united wid the right instrument!
ur joy an love for music n instrument is obvious n infectious!

Sumesh Chandran said...

great move... this is the first time I'm seeing a group like this for harmonica...


mixed age group united for the music of harmonica!

wish you all a great time ahead!!!

Radhi said...

Saw the updated Blog..... let the music flow.

abhay said...

Too Good,
It is a pleasure to see so many harmonica lovers and players, hope you guys continue this good work and spread it to different cities.
Great work
All the best wishes.