Sunday, June 29, 2008

This is Camaraderie

The Harmonica Club of Gujarat has become an extended family for all its members. After performing in a public park, individual members have been inviting the rest to their homes.

The first to invite us was Prof. Piyush Pandya. We had a gala time at his place, playing mouth organ and being treated to tea, coffee and snacks. It was decided at this get together to go for formalizing the club into a trust and a registered society. Yogesh Bhatt, the principal judge of Industrial Courts, had already done the necessary ground work by preparing the draft of the proposed public trust.

The general body of the club unanimously elected Nachiketa Desai as the managing trustee and Tapan Bhatt as the secretary. The following were elected as the trustees:
1. Nachiketa Desai
2. Tapan Bhatt
3. Rohini A Jhala
4. Piyush Pandya
5. Manohar Vaidya
6. Paresh Bhatia
7. Bansi Gajjar

Registering a trust is a big hassle. For ordinary citizens it takes months. In Ahmedabad, on an average 5000 public trusts are registered every month. But not in our case, thanks to one of our members, who is a senior member of the judiciary. Yogesh Bhatt took the trouble of doing all the paper work and we could complete the process in just two days.

Yogesh Bhatt is so passionate about harmonica that he invited Nachiketa Desai and Manohar Vaidya to his home on a Saturday to practice with them. It was a day of marathon mouth organ playing - from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For Yogesh Bhatt playing on a chromatic instrument was a new experience. However, he is a fast learner, mainly because he has musical ears.

The very next day was a Sunday, the day the club members perform in a public park. This time it was at the Vastrapur Lake. After the performance, Purnendu Dave invited all of us to his home, which is walking distance from the lake, for a round of tea. We were not only treated to several rounds of tea there but we also played there for the benefit of the club's repository of video records. We will be putting up these videos on the blog soon.

Our next performance is going to be at a cancer hospital. The date is yet to be finalized.

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