Friday, July 4, 2008

Harmonica Club of Gujarat in News

Times of India, Ahmedabad, Saturday July 5, 2008

Some work, some play-ing harmonica!
Sukrat Desai | TNN

Ahmedabad: His life is all about boring courtroom protocols and formidable piles of files. But, one additional sessions court judge takes a break from this monotony by playing old Hindi film numbers on a harmonica.

“My mouth organ has become a perfect means to fill the void in an insipid life and turn it into a symphony 24X7,” waxes the judge eloquently.

Ditto for orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Naresh Khandwala, who finds playing harmonica a convenient stress-buster. “The instrument is small, you can carry it in your pocket, and play it anywhere without battery cells or electricity. And, most importantly, it is good for health as it improves the respiratory system,” says the doc.

Welcome to Harmonica Club of Gujarat, a recentlyformed group of mouth organ enthusiasts from backgrounds as diverse as law, medicine, teaching and journalism, as also retired people who can devote plenty of time to music.

“This pocket-sized instrument once ruled the hearts of millions of youth during the 50s, 60s and even late 70s, with legendary Hindi film music directors such as SD Burman, RD Burman, OP Nayyar and Shankar Jaikishan making use of it to compose evergreen melodies,” says club coordinator, Tapan Bhatt.

It was his desire to perform at a college reunion, that drove the 44-year-old entrepreneur to attend classes in Ahmedabad and Vadodara. Bhatt learnt how to play harmonica in six months.

“It was through a discussion forum on a search engine and a social networking site that I came into contact with other harmonica players in Ahmedabad and we decided to meet,” he narrates.

The group first decided to meet every Sunday at Parimal Garden and then at Vastrapur lake. Shedding all inhibitions, about a dozen amateur harmonica players performed at both places, drawing a huge round of applause from onlookers.

The club, a not-for-profit organization that aims to promote use of the musical instrument, plans to have charity shows at hospitals and orphanages.


Aflatoon said...

अच्छी स्टोरी । बधाई ।

Thakor said...

Hearty congratulations to Harmonica Club of Gujarat and especially to Nachiketa Desai who takes a lot of pains to update the blog timely for the benifit of visitors of this blog.

"Wallah Jawaab Tumhaara Nahin"

Good luck

T D Joshi

Thakor said...


Thakor said...

Hi Mouth-Organ Gems of Gujarat Club of Harmonica and Barodian Gems!!!

Please do visit my blog on: -

Thank you

T D Joshi; Mouth-Organist

Pratik Negi said...

hey friends,

myself pratik, student here in AHM i have got a Harmonica,started playing at a early age as an amature,but left it, any really now i want to learn it with complete dedication..

Can some one teach me
or can mail me up so that some1 can come as an help..

Pratik Negi
Harmonica learning aspirant
(mail -

Deepti said...

I am happy to know the formation of a Harmonica club.By means of the club small community of harmonica players will come closer.I also play harmonica like a professional player having a practice of 55 years.I will love to meet M/S P.Bhatia and N.Desai on my next visit to Ahemdabad.

Madhur Bhatia
FF 2 Satyam Apartment
Agra Enclave
AGRA 282007 Tel no 09897333059 09358704909

mahim said...

hey i want to learn to play the mouth organ anybody in ahmedabad who can teach me??????give me a col 9227759511

mahim said...

can anybody in ahmedabad teach me to play the harmonica?? i really want to learn it!!!! please call if u can 9227759511

Thakor said...

हार्मोनिका का अहमदाबाद ग्रुप बहुत शानदार ग्रुप है ! सभी लोग बहुत ही सुन्दर स्वभाव के हैं ! हरमोनिका बहुत ही शानदार बजाते हैं ! श्री नचिकेता एवं श्री तपन भट का योगदान सराहनीय है ! समय समय पर मुझे याद करने के लिए मैं इनका अनुग्रहीत हूँ ! मैं इस क्लब की उत्तरोत्तर प्रगति एवं सफलता की कामना करता हूँ ! धन्यवाद ! ------ठाकोर जोशी वड़ोदरा