Friday, July 25, 2008

Think Global Act Local

The Harmonica Blog is fast becoming the favourite destination of Harmonica lovers all across the globe, if the red dots on today's visitor's map is any indication. The Blog had 15 clusters of visitors from North America - each cluster representing 1-09 visitors, 4 from South America, 10 from across Europe, two from North Africa, 14 from India, one from the Gulf countries, one from Vietnam, one from Indonesia and two from Australia.

While such an overwhelming response was heartening, one missed the opportunity of thanking each individual and connecting with them through their Blog and or email. We appeal to all the visitors to the blog not to just leave behind your comments but make contribution in terms of putting down in writing their personal experience with this lovely musical instrument. Let us all share our experience, video. audio, photographs, anecdotes, profiles.

Our blog is open to all harmonica lovers in the world. Let's have discussion forums, exchange of ideas, and even exchange of visits to each others' places. Music knows no boundaries.

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