Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dosti Dash ke Saath : Dash

Dash does not require any introduction. His harmonica speaks on his behalf.
Heading from orissa is now settled in vadodara owns a studio, plays harmonica since childhood.
He is very good in playing chords and octaves.
All of you will love his style of playing harmonics.. very smooth....
When he was serving in Indian Army, he found his harmonica as the best companion.
pl watch his video.


khare said...

Mr. Dash,
I loved your performance. The chords played are perfect and deserve a huge applause.


Dash babu,

I was amazed at your playing. The Chords are really superb. No words to describe.I am so happy that Ahmedabad is having valuable harmonica players. We the harmonicists of hyderabad are really spell bound .