Monday, August 25, 2008

Jaane Kahan Gaye Voh Din

I have been feeling very depressed past one week for not being able to play mouth organ because of some health problem. My doctor has advised me to go easy till I recover fully.

Ever since I had this problem, friends from all over Gujarat have been calling me up to inquire about my health. Those in Ahmedabad had come to the hospital and at home to meet me. Today, I was blessed by the visit of Apoorva Bhatt and Dilipsinh Chavan who drove down from Baroda on a motor cycle just to meet me.

I grabbed the opportunity to make them play for me while I captured it on video. So, here is a special gift to me from Apoorvabhai and Chavan Saab:

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When we talk about Harmonica immediately the thought strikes my mind, ' JANE KAHAAN GAYE WOH DIN '.
Those weere the days when Harmonica was a pet instrument in each house hold with the most common number HAI APNA DIL TO AWARA. Now due the advent of the dance numbers this beautiful instrument is fading away. But The harmonica Club of Gujarat is doing a great job for its revival. I am with you all the times. We at Hyderabad also taken up similar steps of reviving this instrument.