Sunday, August 3, 2008

jab we met we were school going kids : Kiranbhai and Dr. Khandwala

They were school going kids when they met for the first time. Kiranbhai went to US and today he is in the computer business. Dr. Nareshbhai Khandwala became an orthopaedic surgeon. Totally different fields for both of them but one thing is still alive with them since their childhood and that is Passion for Harmonica.
Harmonica club of Gujarat is proud to have both of them as senior members.

All the members of harmonica club of Gujarat thank Dr. Khandwala for his sincere efforts in managing the entire show in the Cancer Hospital.
We dedicate the Friendship day to both of them.

Long live their friendship !! Cheers !!!!
Kiranbhai plays a song from Jab we met

Dr. Naresh Khandwala
aaye din bahar ke

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