Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jare Udaja re Panchhi : Apoorva Bhatt

Apoorva Bhatt played this song in Kamati Baug, Vadodara.
He prefers to play 12 hole chromatic harmonica in scale C.
I remember my first meeting with Apoorva Bhatt, I had just started learning to play harmonica from Paresh Bhatia. One evening he told me that a harmonica group was invited in Ahmedabad and i must attend the show as he was to fly to Dubai.
I reached the venue one hour earlier with my collection of harmonicas.
I was introduced to all the players by Amjadbhai and then suddenly Apoorva Bhatt came to me looking at the collection softly asked ' very nice , now let us hear you play ', and i took out one tiny Marine Band Delux and started playing ' maine tere liye hi saat rang ke ' which i had recently learnt. The moment i finished the first stanza he stopped me and started playing the interlude music. That time I noticed two things, one he was playing some different instrument than mine and secondly his style of play.
I asked him to show his harmonica and that was 12 hole super chromonica 270.
I took the complete video of the programme as i was asked to sit in the first raw, and after the programme got over i went to him to get some tips. He gave me his visiting card and said ' come to Baroda for the whole day ' that's all....
Then after a couple of days he called me and asked if i could share the video of that programme with him, and also gave me a hint that Holi was after two days. And i was in Baroda on Holi.
we spent the whole day together with Amjadbhai, Rupesh and one little girl who plays Tadap Tadap song. I was trained to play Chords, Octave, Whamping etc. That day I had my first Chromatic harmonicas. I was given super chromonica 270 and 280.
I had mentioned this incidence in the yahoo group, thanking all the Baroda players.
Today not a single day goes without talking.
Only fortunate people get a friend like Apoorva Bhatt.


Aflatoon said...

बहुत सुन्दर । नचिकेता ने सही गुरु चुना ।


Apoorva sahab,

Its very good. You have covered the total song with interlude. I will definitely meet you when I visit Ahmedabad. At a few places the vamping which you gave it would have been better if you could have given a reverb in stead of stepped vamping.


Apoorva sahab its really nice. At some places you have given stepped vamping it would have been still better if you could have given a reverb vamping. I will definitely meet you when I visit Ahmedabad.

dev said...

hey! i din't knew u were in Gujarat would have definitely tried to meet you . i was in gandhinagar from 2004-2006. but from past two yrs,i am in mumbai. coming to the point, i was more interested in playing something like blues and not just film songs. any comments or suggestions from your side would be most welcomed. Please inform if you are visiting mumabi. I am keen on learning this instrument.