Monday, September 8, 2008

The Star is born again : Abey

'The Star is born again'. Yes, this is Abey, son of our great friend Abe Thomas. The name Abe Thomas is known to all the Harmonica players across the globe. A real good harp player has been providing a lot of information on harmonicas. Abey like his daddy, is trying to play the lovely Alto Single made by Suzuki. I am sure one day he will turn out to be one of the greatest players of harmonicas. All the members of Harmonica Club of Gujarat convey love and best wishes to this lovely little boy.

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Oh Abe you are very sweet. It appears as if you are playing a tough number. I pray GOD to shower HIS blessings on you so that you will excell your Dad.

My blessings are with you little Abe.