Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunday the FUN DAY

This Sunday evening we decided to play Harmonica in the Law Garden. While parking our vehicles, we found two young boys with guitar. We requested if they could play for us.
The moment we started playing harmonica visitors started gathering. Pl watch the response...
Nachiketa Desai played 'mere sapno ki rani kab aayegi tu'


AMRISH said...

Devansh here,
Infect On that Sunday Nachiketasir was in full form. He played all songs one by one and specifically he played song of Ashaji and songs of great composer O P NAIYYAR saheb. We play almost two hours non stop.

Sandeep said...

The response from the crowd was enormous. In fact some of them were asking to play specific songs. Even the old songs played were applauded well. I now feel our group is on a right track where the group members can nuture their hobby as well promoting and popularisng the instrument which is in a downtrend.

CK said...

Wonderful performance Nachiketa ji !! I am loving the way the instrument is getting popularised in Gujarat.I vaguely remember one urdu "sher" which means that I started the journey alone but the caravan got built up as I moved ahead. You gentlemen out there have actually done that !!
-Chandrashekhar Khare