Friday, December 12, 2008

Sholay : Rupesh Parmar

This tune made the harmonica very popular amongst the young people. Every harmonica player loves to play this tune. If someone comes to know that you are a harmonica player, the first tune they will ask you to play is ' Sholay Tune '.
Rupesh Plays it really well...




Its excellent. You did some improvisation which proved your originality. Thats really great Roopesh. Hyderabad is with you Roopesh.Carry on my friend.

amjadkhan786 said...

rupesh's excellent good timing, vamping, cording...i have learnt a lot from u as well as appoorva sir.....thank god, i am luck to have such good gem with me in vadodara. today what ever music i know is all due to u both friend of mine....thanks a lot sir. i respect u from the bottom of my heart and also thank u for what u had given me in this field.....Amjad khan