Thursday, January 8, 2009

The 3rd one Ye Dil na Hota Bechara : Nachiketa Desai

We call him ND, some call him Muneer Ahmed !!! He has a special skill to dominate the stage and capture the crowd.


harmonica club of gujarat said...

You really rocked Sir.
--Yogesh Bhatt--

harmonica club of gujarat said...

Ido not understand, why Muneer Ahmed? Is Muneer Ahmed a famous harmonica player?

--Yogesh Bhatt--

CK said...

Nachiketa ji,
You have played one of my all time favourites. Your control over chords is superb. You do strike a chord with audience !
I wonder if you go back to your university days when playing such romantic songs. The feel is quite evident from the performance ...


Chandrashekhar Khare