Saturday, March 7, 2009

Magic of Mouth Organ

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He popped up one day on my chat window saying, "Kyon Raja Mujhe Pehchaana?". I could hardly believe that Ashok Bhandari, my classmate in Banaras Hindu University, would find me after almost 30 years. Since we left the university in 1978, Ashok had become a professional magician, performing all over the world - Italy, Germany, Japan and Russia.

Ashok found me from my esnips page where I had uploaded some of my mouth organ numbers. He told me that he has been also playing mouth organ in all his magic shows. I had heard Ashok play mouth organ when we were in college. But, he was not a great player then. After almost 30 years of practice and performing on stage, Ashok had become a maestro - a wizard, a magician of music. He is a master of special effects - a one-man orchestra.

Ashok was so much inspired by the Harmonica Club of Gujarat and its blog that he decided to devote full time on playing harmonica. I was shocked when one day he told me that he is giving up performing magic shows and has decided to start a mouth organ training academy in Delhi.

"Mouth Organ is a magical instrument," he says. Ashok has turned this handy musical instrument into a wonderful object of performing art.

Harmonica enthusiasts can call him at 9999333104.

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CK said...

Mr. Bhandari,
You are a true magician. You mesmerised me. Do you have any tour planned to Bangalore in near future? Would love to attend the show and meet you.

Chandrashekhar Khare

Thakor said...

Ashok Bhandari is not only magician in the magic field but also in the field of music too. I have listened to his harmonica recitals, the song so fantastacally well-played that I have become a great fan and admirer of him.

T D Joshi (67)
Harmonica Family of Baroda