Friday, May 29, 2009

Meeting after 14 years :

Chandra sekhar Khare and Apoorva Bhatt met in Ahmedabad after almost 14 years. We had very nice time seeing both friends play very beautiful songs. I recorded a few songs, but felt very sorry about the poor sound quality. We all hope to have more and more such sessions.


Piyush said...

Too good,gentlemen! Played every single note to perfection. Hats off! Piyush Pandya.


Its just wonderful. As usual Apoorva is more at interludes which is critical.Chandrasekhar ji your tonguing technique is perfect sir. I request you to please listen to the renditions of Madan kumar sahab & follow him. He is excellent in this technique. I was using my technique of tongue for the song ' ZARA HAULE HAULE CHALO' but when I listened to Madan ji's rendition I felt its absolutely mindblowing. I have practised it. You can see my rendition of this song at the url
I have followed his technique & the output is superb.

CK said...

Sabnavees ji, Thanks for your encouraging words. I will definitely take your advise seriously and try to improve.
Warm regards, Chandrashekhar Khare