Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What a beautiful way of our introduction to you.

Secretary of Gramophone club Milan Joshi, introduced all the players to his club members.
We thought of posting this particular video on the blog, so that guests of our blog can also know the players by name.
Milan shah promised Manohar Vaidya a seperate programme on Harmonica.
I take liberty to inform the guests that in the second week of January the HCG will release an AUDIO CD containing nostalgic hindi songs played on Harmonica. This CD will contain the group songs, solo performances and duets too...

Jiyo JEE Bharke.....


Nachiketa Desai said...

it was a great achievement to have been invited by the gramophone club. bravo members of the harmonica club of gujarat. the club is sure to reach greater heights in the days to come. congratulations all the members.

krutarth said...

It was really a splendid performance by all the members of the club.
I fully agree with Nachiketa bhai that the club will certainly reach greater heights in the upcoming days.
What more should I write when the great music director & singer
Shri Dilip Dholakia himself gave a standing ovation???

Sandeep said...

I agree with Shri Nachiketabhai.
Sure we will achieve higher milestone because the biggest asset of the group is able and hardworking trainers as well as willingness amongst the trainees to learn and improvise keeping aside their egos. Aditya-Devansh-Pratham will eventually become a Alder Trio.

apoorvabhatt said...

Thanks to the Gramophone club for promising one programme to uplift this tiny instrument, further.