Saturday, December 26, 2009

Maestro's Life in Pictures

Mouth Organ maestro Madan Kumar's tryst with music had begun when he was just 7-8 year old. He was a born genius. He had no guru. He learnt playing harmonica on his own. The life was full of struggle and hard work. He shared his life's musical journey with me through a photo album which I captured for the benefit of all the harmonica lovers.


Tapan Bhatt said...

Nice work N D !!
Congrats to both of you.
Madanji, aap great ho.

raman said...

Excellent write up Nachiketa Ji! Really enjoyed myself reading this post. Loved the videos of Madan Kumar Ji. Thanks for the uploads.

reallity in magic said...

Nachiketa Ji wonder worker of harmonica generalist who can reach
in routs of harmonica with all great
breaking news mouth organ lover will be great full for bring forward one of the best livening wonder of mouth organ who dedicated his whole life for this tiny instrument to bring up
make popular in India Hats off sir for both of you great playing regards

CHROMATIC2010 said...

In my childhood I grew up by listening to the heavenly melodies of RAFI sahab & the enchanting tunes created by Sri Madan Kumar Sahab on harmonica. I was getting really engrossed in the sweet melody of both, where the first one is AWAAZ & the latter is SAAZ. Since I was not blessed by GOD with a voice of good tonal quality I thought of practising harmonica. I picked up this beautiful tiny instrument a HERO tremolo 4 octave one & played from 1975 to 1986 all the time by year only till I was guided by a maestro Sri Praanalingam sir who taught me how to get Sargam on a harmonica. It was an irregular journey in practice ( may be 10 to 15 minutes in a month ) due to my job requirements & not getting free time. Its since 2006 august that I became a regular practitioner of harmonica. For all this I deeply regard Sri madan Kumar Sahab for he is my inspiration. His renditions of 'Yeh nazarey, ye sitarey & Reshmi Ujala hai' keeps haunting in me always.I was excited with joy when I met him for the first time at Hyderabad in last March. I regret very much that all my efforts to honour him had failed due to certain un avoidable circumstances.

But anyway the practice is ON, efforts are continuing & I will give GURU DAKSHINA at the appropriate time.

reallity in magic said...

GR8 we all need your blessings Sir

Dr.Shailendra Kumar said...

Such a long journey with harmonica!!--Nice Post Nachiketa jee!!

Dr.Shailendra Kumar said...

Nice Work Nachiketa Jee!!Such a long journey with Harmonica--