Friday, January 8, 2010

They are more than Harmonica Players

The HaLoH team
During my visit to Bengaluru, I happened to meet Avi and Chandrasekhar for some time. My intention of getting a few karaoke tracks from Mr. Mohammad Azam Fiaz, the one who is very much known on esnips for his Karaoke tracks, was discussed with Avi in CCD. We decided to bargain with Mr. Azam and share the amount between two clubs so that we would have many tracks at almost no prize. When we met Mr. Azam in his office, learning about both the clubs he streight away gave the cd containing all the tracks that he had developed by very hard work. He also promosed to make any karaoke we wanted.
I also went to Hyderabad where I met Mr. Sabnaveesji, a very close friend of HCG. Sabnaveesji came from very far to a place where I had some official work, waited till I finished my job and then took me to his residence for lovely dinner. We had lovely time at his residence. He also promised to come to Ahmedabad during a harmonica workshop.
Ramana, one of the HaLoH members also came to meet me on the same day I arrived in Hyderabad. We had a nice musical session at Mr. Mahendra Gala's residence followed by very heavy snacks. Despite his busy schedule Ramana spent almost two days with me. Ramana also promised to come to ahmedabad to meet all the members.
These people are not just Harmonica players or lovers, they are more than that.........!
Many thanks to all of them.


Ramana said...

Thank you: two small words to convey the infinite feeling in my heart.

clonedguy_dolly said...

Hi !! Tapan ji !!

I Was very happy to see the group photograph posted by you with the members of the HaLOH on the blog.

That day I came to know that you are also a Animal Lover, the photograph also includes one of the most friendly animal to man.

I would like to thank you for the tips which you gave us during the visit.

Mahendra P Gala