Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Apoorva Bhatt

First round of recording is coming to an end. We have recorded almost 20 songs. We will start the second round of recording very soon.
Apoorva Bhatt gave us a surprise on last Sunday by bringing Yogesh Tamta from Lucknow. Yogesh plays harmonica since his childhood. He has been in touch with Apoorva Bhatt for quite a long time, and showed his interest of meeting the members of HCG. Yogesh is basically an R & D man and has designed harmonicas with his knowledge in meteorology. He showed us his diatonic harmonica, which he had tuned to play many songs with chromatic notes. He has also prepared the documentations as to how the reeds made from different materials sound differently from each other.
He became the member of HCG there and then only............
Immediately after the Harmonica Satsang in Parimal we went to the recording studio, where Apoorva Bhatt recorded two lovely songs.
This is Just a small clip taken with mobile phone....

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Apoorva this is an excellent rendition with perfect feel of the song. Pls keep up. We love your renditions since they are flawless absolutely.