Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Man who plays semi classical songs..Mukul Dutta

Recently I came in contact with Mukul Dutta, a hardcore harmonica player. He plays more than 80 semi classical songs. He has promised us to provide his recordings for the benefit of all the visitors of this blog.

Here is a small introduction, in his own words

Dear Mr. Bhatt,

Thanks for your reply and suggestions. Right now I don't have any CD of mine but I will try to send my photo for your site. But as you said I am giving some details of myself and my association with Harmonica.

Way back in 1962 when my father died. I was 4 years old and I had to go to Motihari (Bihar) with my mother and sister where my grand pa was working as a Mechanical Engineer in Sugar mill there. I am an emotional person and very much attracted to music of any kind from childhood. My grand pa was also a fine Violin player. May be this is the reason I started playing the toy harmonica in 1962 gifted by my grand ma.

Motihari is a very small town and our residence was surrounded by farming land and villages. I used to roam around in farm fields playing my little harmonica in free times. Time passed by and grand pa retired in 1967 and we came back to our own residence in Allahabad. In the mean time I continued playing local made harmonicas.

It was during college period in 1979 I got one Hohner chromatic harmonica (made in Germany) from a friend of mine who stayed in Kualalampur (Malesiya). At present I have one Larry Adler-16 and a Super-64 Chromonica (Hohner made) harmonicas. They are fine instruments. I have nearly 80 semi classical old hindi film songs in my play list. I practice them as well as try to play some classicals also.

I listen mostly Western classical/semi classical songs and Hindi & Bengali semi classicals. My most favourite Western singers are Barbara Striesand & Neil Diamond and Indian singers are Lata Ji ,Asha Ji & Rafi Ji.

I am going to be 53 years in the coming November 8th of this year and working in a private organisation as P.A. to Director. We are three in my family i.e. wife, one son & me. Son is a 3rd year student of Mechanical Engineer.


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