Friday, October 1, 2010

Devansh is in LOVE

Yes Devansh is in love with his musical instruments. We all still remember his early days of joining the HCG as a student of Paresh Bhatia.
Today Devansh is getting control over various musical instruments and his sense of music also..
He has been getting support from many senior harmonica players, like Roustom Karwa, Madanji, Sabnaveesji, Manohar Vaidyaji and Paresh SIR.
He is also a student of Sir Howard Levy.
The kids of HCG have made their respectful positions in the club, by not only showing their love for the instrument , but also by working very hard.
HCG is very thankful to Devansh's parents for having faith in us and supporting his LOVE for music.


krutarth said...

FLAWLESS is just one word that comes to my mind after hearing this...and yes, equal credit goes to your parents for helping you in achieving your goals...Cheers...


Ayushman Devansh my blessings & best wishes are always with you. You have played it very beautifully with crystal clear notes. Keep it up. Your breath control has also developed a lot Devansh. Its a critical composition of the maestro R.D.burman sahab where lot of breath control is required due to the sustained timing of the notes. you have done justice to this song.

Vardhman Jain said...

Devansh is in love with Harmonica & I am in love with him.Really his breathing is excellent,play flawless & face remains cool while playing even difficult part.God bless Devansh. He will become a big artist.

apoorvabhatt said...

The future authority on mouthorgan in action

Paavan said...

It's Marvellous !!!