Saturday, November 13, 2010

Melodion and harmonica jugal bandhi

We had a nice practice session, after a short vacation of Diwali.
The HCG is going to perform in Gandhidham on 22nd of January. We are going to introduce the melodion in a few songs. Devansh and Aditya have recently got their Suzuki melodions from Abe Thomas.
We specially thank Abe for his continuous support in providing us the best of Harmonicas and melodions.



This news I am seing just after talking with the moderator Mr Tapan Bhat our dear Tapan Bhai. Well played Devansh beta. Keep it up. Let Gandhidham say loud ONCE MORE to your recital on melodion.

p.v.s.jagath eesan said...

that good Mr Abe also send me a suzuki melodion wich i have started teaching my students please see this videos;