Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Apoorva Bhatt

One of the trustees of HCG, Apoorva Bhatt accompanied us to Adipur. He is known for his dedication and sincerity in playing Lary Adler 48.
All of us get charged just by his presence, I swear !!!
He played a very famous song ' Pukarata chala hu mein '


CK said...

Dear Apoorva Bhai,
We know that you are not a supporter of accompaniment or tracks when you play. But you still sound great. Great job by HCG in making him play with accompaniment !!
Warm regards,
Chandrashekhar Khare

Sandeep said...

perfectly sycro. with the rhythm. I agree with Mr Khare's comments

Best Regards,

Sandeep Patankar

Tapan Bhatt said...

Apoorvabhai was one of the good boys in the company of devils ;-)
He speaks through his Lary Adler 48 only. And yes We are going to make him play with other musicians and break his oath of not doing so ;-)

Aditya said...

This is a very fine tuned and melodious song...... The background track makes it sound very nice....Hats Off............

amjadkhan786 said...

Wonderfully played sir..... i have seen u sir during our practice session the way u work on each and every note..... superb, the only thing disturbing is the harmonica sound is less then the background music..... apoorva bhai next time stand close to the mic.... Amjad khan , vadodara city , gujarat.


Apoorva its a beautiful song but the external noise & the high volume of the track was affecting your rendition.