Thursday, February 10, 2011

Aye Mere Dil by manohar Vaidya

Guru Manohar Vaidya played this song with complete music. Many visitors of this blog know Manohar Vaidya.
He plays more than 300 songs with complete music.
By the way, HCG players with family members are organising a two day trip to Mount Abu, in the second week of March.
We will be playing at Nakhi Talao.
HCG ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!

We are the one , we are the family..........



Piyush said...

Vaidya Saheb, Without doubt, is the Jewel ON the crown called HCG! One only wishes the supporting music were a little subtler. Manoharbhai, Truely MAN HAR Performance! Thanks a lot Sir,for filling so many ears and hearts with pure pleasure.

amjadkhan786 said...

wonderfully played sir...... indeed ur jewel in the crown...fantastic performance and flowlessly played ... feel proud to be ur diciple...Amjad khan , vadodara city, gujarat , india

Aditya said...

Vaidya Saheb, This was the crowning performance...... it was awe inspiring.... Hats Off

apoorvabhatt said...

excellent sir