Friday, May 20, 2011

Dum maro dum : Mihir Chalishazar

Ladies and gentlemen hold your breath, we are introducing our young member Mihir Chalishazar.
Mihir influenced by Aditya, his elder brother, wanted to be a percussionist.
He has been given the duty to arrange the songs, their karaoke tracks, make list of the participants and play accordingly in the program.
Slowly but steadily he is getting into real hard job- playing harmonica...
Please enjoy !!!


AMRISH said...

Chalisazar duet perfect. Aditya and Mihir play perfectly. Mihir is youngest member of our BAND.

Sandeep said...

excellent !!!!!!

perfect syncro. with the backgound music ...

we would love to seee more from you. now a solo !!!!!!

amjadkhan786 said...

Great job done boy's beautifully co-ordinated video and above the music played by devansh on key board is really good.... thanks for sharing HCG.. keep up the good work.. Amjad khan , vadodara city , gujarat , india