Sunday, June 15, 2008

Live on Radio Mirchi

Five members of the Harmonica Club of Gujarat were on a live talk show on the Radio Mirchi today, June 16 2008. The talk show began at 8 in the morning and continued till 11.

The most popular Radio Jockey, Dhvanit hosted the show. An amazing guy, handling at least three tasks single-handedly without losing his sense of humour.

All of us - Nachiketa Desai, Tapan Bhatt, Rohini Jhala, Paresh Bhatia and Manohar Vaidya - talked and played mouth organ.

Radio Mirchi studio was flooded with phone calls from listeners. We hope to get many more new members to the harmonica club when we meet next coming Sunday.

We will be posting the recording of the talk show on the blog as soon as we get the CD from Radio Mirchi.

In the meantime, enjoy the video recording of the songs done by our members during our first public performance.

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