Monday, June 16, 2008

Popular Mouth Organ Videos

Here are some video recording of popular Hindi film numbers played by the members of the Harmonica Club of Gujarat:


amjadkhan786 said...

hello sir..........i had always appreciated ur playing, u r really to good, according to me all of ur notes and blowing power is good, but the only thing lacking is the continuety and timming of the song.....i may be wrong but that is what i found...ur really to good.. i need to learn from u so much and soon i will meet u at ur place sabarmati..bye sir, take care

H.Madhusudhan said...

Sir, You really play mouthorgan very well. I would like to get in touch with you. Can you send me an email to my email ID: I also play the mouthorgan and I can play around 50 Hindi, English and Tamil film tunes.

H.Madhusudhan Bhandarkar