Sunday, June 22, 2008

Network Expands

Thanks to the live talk show on Radio Mirchi, many new members joined the Harmonica Club of Gujarat this Sunday morning at the Vastrapur Lake garden. It was heartening to note that among the new members were young boys and girls in their teens. While a couple of them played fairly well, some of them had come with the desire to learn from the senior players.

A few of the senior members played some very popular numbers from Hindi films of the 50s and 60s. Unfortunately, in the absence of club coordinator Tapan Bhatt, who usually records the event on his mobile phone, we could not capture the video and audio of today's rendition.

After everyone dispersed, Prof. Piyush Pandya, invited Manohar Vaidya and me to his home. The Pandya's are a musical family. Both his wife and mother are very good singers. After a sumptuous breakfast comprising of upama and tea, we requested Manohar Vaidya to play some old numbers. While the professor's seventy-year-old mother nodded her head in appreciation, his wife hummed along.

Interestingly, it was their common interest in music that brought the professor and his wife together before their marriage.

Indeed, music binds the souls.

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Devraj said...

Dear Nachiketa Sir

It was nice to know that more young people are showing interest in our harmonica club. I sincerely hope that our club continues to inspire more and more people from diverse age and background towards sharing "the passion of harmonica" within the music lovers fraternity and beyond. Great Going !

Cheers !