Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Talent Galore

Every town has its share of talented harmonica players. We will now be showcasing here the performance of some of the mouth organ players from Vadodara who were invited by the players from Ahmedabad to give a joint performance at the opening of an events management company.

We will try to present on this blog the sample of music played on mouth organ by each and every member of the Harmonica Club of Gujarat. Please have some patience as the task of uploading video files takes up quite a lot of time.

We present here Apoorva Bhatt and Amjad Khan Pathan:


PurpleGirl said...

Hi Mr Nachiketa Desai,
Excellent Effort!
Waiting for more n more.

I'm giving a LINK in my blog.

khare said...

The filler music by Mr Apoorva is amazing. However, two suggestions:
1. Since one player plays the vocals and other plays the music, the song would sound better if they do it in two different octaves.
2.The vocals, if played by maintaining single note, will give an overall effect because the chords are anyways being played by Mr Apoorva.
Please excuse if you do not like the suggestions.