Monday, July 7, 2008

Baroda Players Extend Warm Welcome, Join Club

Players of Baroda invited the members from Ahmedabad to play with them at the Kamati Baug Bandstand on Sunday to spread the message of harmony and unity. The video is of the welcoming speech by Arvind Kumar


rajeev ranjan baisantry said...

iam a harmonica player.I am highly delighted by by the initiative.can i also join you. i am based at delhi.,however,that does not ceate a barrier. kindy invite me to your meets. ican join you on the coming saturday. please conform.

Tapan said...

DEar rajeev,
First of all thank you very much for your appreciation and showing interest in joining the group. Though the name of the trust is harmonica club of gujarat everyone who is a harmonica lover is welcomed.
very shortly we are going to perform in the cancer hospital we wish to have you with us. And we will inform before a few days so that you can plan your visit accordingly. this is going to be a charity show and i am sure you will love to be a part of the group. The major activities of the group is charity and scholarships given to the eligible learners.
Once again thank you very much and see you soon.
Tapan Bhatt

daksha said...

i am interested in purchasing a harmonica and learning it ....please help ...i stay in baroda and need someone to help me here.......urgently

my email id is

Nachiketa Desai said...

Dear Rajeev
Thanks for showing interest in our activities. Since we dont have your email ID, we are constraint to extend our invitation to you through this blog for a special performance we are having at the Ahmedabad cancer hospital on July 24, 2008 Thursday. We shall be extremely happy if you can make it here. You can contact us at the following numbers: 9898046970 and 9825322670
Nachiketa Desai
Tapan Bhatt