Monday, July 7, 2008

We walk hand in hand

The harmonica players of Baroda, a highly talented and enthusiastic lot, invited members of the Harmonica Club of Gujarat, to play with them at the Kamati Baug Bandstand, a centrally located place of this cultural capital of Gujarat, on Sunday evening.

The public garden was full of Sunday crowd - men, women and children. The weather was pleasant as it was a clouded sky. The Baroda players gave us a warm welcome and soon we started to play, all sitting in a circle. It was a novel sight for the Sunday merry makers who formed a circle around us. Each one of us played a couple of songs to a thunderous applause from the spectators.

We will be soon uploading the video recording of the Baroda evening on this blog.

The Baroda players unanimously elected Apurva Bhatt to represent them in the Harmonica Club of Gujarat, as a Trustee. Apurva Bhatt has trained over a dozen harmonica players of the city, many of them have now become trainers to teach playing this musical instrument to young boys and girls.

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