Friday, November 14, 2008

chand khila : Piyush Pandya

Recently we were talking about the initial days of our waiting in Parimal Garden for players to come and join the club. One Sunday this scientist like person came and introduced himself as Piyush Pandya teaching microbiology in one of the oldest colleges of the country and took out a very old three folded harmonica, and played a very lovely song " piyu bole piya bole". As one of the trustees of the club he has taken up a great responsibility of representing the team on stage.

He writes....

"Harmonica is the first instrument I fell in love with, at the age of 5! Played upto the age of 27,believing that I was very good!!!!!! Lost touch gradually as got married, had children, became busier with growing responsibilities, etc. Played at college and public performances. Apart from Harmonica, also played Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo, Harmonium, Accordion,etc, without bothering for the agony of the audience! Picked up Harmonica again in the elite company of the champions like Manohar Vaidya and Nachiketa Desai, with solid support of Tapan Bhatt, the driving force behind all the members of Harmonica club of Gujarat. I Teach Microbiology at local college, with the charge of Principalship as well."

Chand khila...

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