Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hi chal turu turu : Sandip Patankar

"An MBA-Finance working as a supply chain professional. Worked in Ice-cream industry for more than 18 years, Presently with HAVMOR. . Started playing harmonica at the age of 15. with a HERO instrument in 1977 and played in college programme in 1978 – Yad kiya dil ne . Performed in college programmes and family gatherings. Lost touch for 20 years, suddenly revived after coming to know about the Harmonica club of Gujarat. Immediately bought HOHNER 280C .From then every day is a learning experience. Learned a lot from Shri Nachiketabhai ,Chaitanyabhai and from Manohar Vaidya and understood one basic rule from them” no song is complete till it is played with preludes and interludes” I have tried to play this marathi song completely. I have a dream of mastering the art of tounging and playing chords with the able guidance of experts in our group. Already started playing single notes and I am myself able to realize the improvement and change in my playing .." Sandip Patankar.
Hi Chal Turu Turu

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You have played nice & there are no slips at all sir. It was continous & gave a good listening pleasure.

I have a few suggestions here...

1. While playing please dont move.
2. Make the hands free and dont make a closed cup. People make it to creat a reverb. Sir due to this the tonal quality gets poorer.
3. Be close to the microphone, Maximum distance to be 4 inches.This gives a solid sound. The quality of sound will be like a mixture of violin & trumpet.
4. Hold the harmonica at both ends & not tightly with a cup formation.This is when you are playing in public.
5. Operate the chromatic button with the fore finger of your right hand & not with the thumb. Thumb is rigid.
6. Our forefinger has two horizontal markings at the middle.Keep the button at the top horizontal marking. With this you get pressure as well as flexibility.
7. Glad to know that you are also a memeber of Gujarat club which is the elder brother of Hyderabad club.